How to Make a Newsprint Gift Bag (Quick & Easy).

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Gift wrap has a very short lifespan!

It quickly ends up in the trash …

So, why not recycle old newspaper to make a nice gift pouch?

It is perfect for recycling the advertising leaflets that we receive in our mailboxes.

And don’t worry! These Colorful gift bags made with newspaper are easy to make and cost nothing.

So, no longer throw your brochures and old newspapers in the trash! Turn them into a gift bag. Look :

A tutorial newspaper gift pouch

What you need

– newspapers or leaflets

– glue or tape

– scissors

– card stock that may come from an empty cereal box

How to do

1. Take a rectangular sheet of newspaper and lay it in front of you horizontally. Double it if the paper is too thin.

2. Make a fold of about 2 cm on one long side. Do the same on a small side.

3. Glue the fold on the long side. Turn the sheet over so that this fold is at the top.

Fold the long side of the newspaper

4. Fold the sheet in half crosswise, bringing it edge to edge on the short folded side. Glue this fold on the edge you just brought.

Add glue to the folded side

5. Open so that the fold you just glued is in the middle of the bag and not on one edge of the bag. Flatten the sheet again. You get a rectangle.

6. Place the sheet in front of you. To form the bottom of the bag, fold the bottom to about 1/3 the length of the rectangle.

Fold the bag to make the bottom of the newspaper bag

7. Fold the top corners of this flap into a triangle to bring them to the edge of the rectangle, like when wrapping a gift. Insist on this fold.

Fold the corners of the bag into a triangle

8. Open this part (the bottom of the bag), it looks like a kind of boat.

Open the bottom of the bag

9. Fold inwards the folds you just insisted on. This forms a new triangle.

Fold the folds inside out and inside

10. Do this for both sides to get a bottom.

Newspaper cover background

11. Once these two sides are folded, fold down the remaining wings by folding them towards the middle and overlapping them slightly. Tape or glue this part. The bottom of the bag is ready.

Paste the bottom of the christmas gift pouch

12. Turn the bag over and open it so that it takes its rectangular shape. You can mark the folds on all 4 angles if you wish.

Gift bag standing on the floor

13. For the handles, cut 2 strips of paper that you will fold in half.

2 handles cut from newspaper

14. Put the two strips on top of each other to make it easier for you and fold about 1/3 of the strip 90 ° on each side.

Fold the handles of the newspaper bag

15. Glue the handles inside the bag.

Glue the handles inside the gift bag

16. Take the card stock, cut out a rectangle the size of the bottom of the bag, and put it in the bag to strengthen the bottom.


2 gift pockets made of newspaper on a wooden floor

And There you go ! Your homemade Christmas gift bag is already ready!

Easy, fast and efficient, isn’t it?

It only remains to fill it with a nice gift.

You can even extend a napkin or tissue paper to “dress” your gift.

Making the first bag takes around 10 minutes, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a snap!

You can do any size. Perfect to adapt to difficult-to-wrap gifts like bottles or small items.

And why not decorate the bags with colored tape or some glitter?

My advice: the more colorful the paper, the prettier the result.

Christmas gift pouch in recycled paper

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick to make your gift bags with recycled paper? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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