How To Make A Magnetic And Decorative World Map!

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Make yourself a magnetic card where you can magnetize your travel memories, and at the same time brighten up the most sinister of offices, a project to be carried out alone or with the family.

One long Sunday I decided to customize the gloomy IKEA magnetic board hanging above my desk. Helped by my 6 year old cousin, I gave him a makeover with a simple world’s map. This is how we did it.

Couple on World Map: How To Make A Magnetic And Decorative World Map!

What did we need?

– My magnetic board (37X78 cm) spontan IKEA (€ 9.99).

– Vinyl glue (€ 3.75 on Amazon).

– 1 brush.

– 1 sponge.

– 1 beautiful world map, large enough to cover the entire panel (to find in a garage sale for example).

5 Steps.

5 steps are enough then to give our magnetic panel a makeover. No great difficulties for this trick, with some advice my little one 6 year old cousin got out no problem.

1. Using the brush, rspread vinyl glue over the entire surface of the panel, not forgetting the edges or angles.

2. If necessary, use the sponge to spread any packets of glue.

3. Place the card on the panel avoiding creases.

4. Fold the ends of the card on the back of the panel.

5. Add to brush over the map a fine glue layer that I let dry, then repeat the operation one last time.

Our magnetic world map is ready; more than to magnetize my travel memories. The little cousin is happy with his job and so am I.

Are you excited about this trick and plan to do it? Tell me in a comment.

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