How To Get A Lot Of Materials For Free

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Do you like to craft, with or without your children, but you lack materials?

The recycling of objects and “waste” is a wonderful universe for those who have imagination and are interested in the art of recycling.

At home, I have a large laundry bin with 4 compartments and a small shelf for my recoveries.

With all that, I create, I try, I make up, I bubble, I occupy myself and I actually have fun. And since it’s free, I’m not afraid to mess up.

So what to recover? I want to say EVERYTHING but I’ll give you some examples:

1. Food containers

Jars of yoghurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, butter, jams etc. I patch up all this to make storage boxes, robots (with the children), reliefs for large frescoes and so on. Leave room for the imagination!

In summer camp, for example, I often have the kids make musical instruments with the pots like maracas or tambourines.

2. Scraps of fabric and threads

Whether it’s laces, clothes that are faded, worn or have holes, old grandma’s scarves, ribbons recovered from certain boxes of cakes, belts, in short … you know what I mean.

3. Forgotten objects

We all have trinkets hidden in the back of a cupboard that we do not know what to do with and that would be unsaleable in secondhand markets. Even broken they can be reused, either by breaking it down into pieces to make a mosaic, or by diverting its use, as I did with a ladder or my broken umbrella for example.

4. The treasures of nature

Chestnuts, Bread apples, Tree leaves to make tampons or to dry them, pebbles, wooden logs, seashells, flowers, seeds … I think that’s what I have the most fun with.

PQ rolls, bottle caps, potato fillets, old hangers, bolts, empty bottles, cartons of milk, shoebox, matches, cotton swabs … and even homeopathic tubes! in short as I told you, EVERYTHING is possible 🙂

And you ? Are you also the type to collect everything you can for tinkering? Come and share your ideas with us in the comments.

Savings made

Felt, polystyrene balls, stickers, ribbons, fabrics, glossy paper, plaster, all these materials can be bought but it’s frankly expensive when you want to have a little of everything on hand.

The Art of Recycling ‘is also a concept which proves that everything can have a second life and which allows not to waste and throw excessively. So if in addition it allows us to save, I say yes yes yes! : D

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