How to fold a coat into a suitcase without crumpling it.

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Need to store a long coat in a suitcase?

But don’t want it to be crumpled when you arrive?

Or that it does not take up all the space in your luggage?

It is true that it may seem difficult to fold such a large garment without making a ball!

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective technique to fold and store a coat in a suitcase without wrinkling it.

Don’t worry, it’s very simple and easy to do. Watch the video :

How to do

1. Lay the coat flat on a flat surface.

2. Fold both sides of the coat in the center.

3. Place both sleeves flat on each side.

4. Fold the bottom of the coat about a third.

5. Open the bottom of the coat on each side.

6. Fold up the top by placing the collar inside the bottom of the coat.

7. Close both sides of the coat on top.

8. Put your coat in the suitcase.


The trick to properly folding a coat in a suitcase without wrinkling it

There you have it, you now know how to properly fold a coat without creasing it 🙂

Easy, fast and efficient, isn’t it?

Very practical to easily fit your coat in your suitcase …

… or put it away after winter and save space.

With this technique, there is no risk of crumpling your beautiful coat in the suitcase or the closet!

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick for folding a coat in a suitcase? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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