How to find a construction team?

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How to find a construction team

When carrying out any repairs, the key point is to find a team of builders who will be entrusted with the repair of your apartment. Advertisements posted on the porches, or newspaper advertisements, cannot be regarded as a serious source of information. Inquire among colleagues or acquaintances. If there is a team of workers, about which several people speak positively at once, then it deserves attention. A much more difficult option is when you have to start a relationship with a completely unknown construction team. Only intuition and life experience can help here, which will help you choose the best repair team.

Before work starts

At the very first stage, when you are still designing repairs, you need to make sure the decency of the working teams. A good test in this regard can be unrealistic requests on your part for planning and interior design. If even for such seemingly fantastic wishes, workers give assurances that they can fulfill all this, then this should be an alarming sign for you. It is worth considering why the construction team is ready to take on the implementation of even the most extravagant plans.

The very appearance of the workers’ brigade can tell you a lot. If there are traces of abundant libations on your face, and the fume knocks you off your feet, then you should not mess with such workers.

You should immediately decide on the procedure for calculations when carrying out work. The best option is to pay the entire agreed amount for the completion of the work after its completion. However, if such an agreement cannot be reached, then the entire volume of work can be divided into stages, after which a certain part of the total cost of the work can be paid. If workers insist on the prepayment principle, then think about the seriousness of these people, or maybe even give up your intention to start some kind of relationship with them.

How to find a construction team

How to find a construction team

During work

Remember that you are the owner of the apartment and you always have the right to refuse the services of the construction team in the event that the workers do not fulfill your requirements. Feel free to ask questions about the work, delve into all the nuances, clarify any details. From the very beginning, carefully check the progress of work and their planning. Point out all the flaws you notice, even the smallest. Remember that the most important thing for you is the quality of the repair.

Respond to employee complaints appropriately. And if they claim that your walls or ceiling are in a terrible state, behave like any boss: declare that any impossible task should be within the power of a skilled craftsman.

It often happens that the apartment is provided to workers around the clock, when they have the opportunity to do something outside. It is necessary to control what they are actually doing. If you yourself are very busy, then you should not hesitate to ask for help from relatives, friends or neighbors.

Often, old women on benches near the entrances can tell you about their observations, the intensity of work, and the frequency of smoke breaks. You should make sure that the construction crew is constantly busy so that there are no spurts in repairs when work is interspersed with periods of idleness.

The key points of renovation are in terms of delivery of the premises and in the cost of work. For yourself, know that whatever the condition of the apartment before the renovation, its real duration will always be longer than expected. However, require workers to adhere to the schedule as strictly as possible for you. You can even refer to legislative acts, according to which the duration of such work should not exceed three months.

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