How To Decorate Your Garden For Christmas Without Spending a Penny.

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If you have a garden, take advantage of the holidays to decorate it, without spending!

No doubts, with my smart ideas your garden will stand out and that without spending a penny.

You don’t need to be a decoration pro to have an extraordinary garden, a little imagination and creativity will do the trick.

Do you want to know how to decorate your garden inexpensively? Look :

Decorate garden for christmas with snow

How to do

Start by recycling your interior decoration.

Yep, it’s simple just about any little thing that already decorates your home can be used for your exterior. In fact, don’t buy anything for your exterior ! You have everything you need at home.

The garlands, Santa Claus, candle holders or cotton as artificial snow.

If you have Christmas tree decorations that you no longer use, do not throw them in the trash.

Instead, take the opportunity to decorate the trees of your garden with Christmas balls or colorful garlands, it always has its little effect!

Natural elements: pine cones and others

Decorate garden for Christmas with pine cones

In your garden, fir branches or pine cones can be made into various decorative elements. Have a paint bucket Have fun !

Paint whatever you want with bright colors that evoke the party. Or put them in a composition.

These homemade decorations can then be placed on the edges of windows, balconies or on the front door of the house.

And if by a miracle, it snows this year, it will be the perfect opportunity for you and your children to create a real snowman from scratch.

Your turn…

And you, are you decorating your garden for Christmas? What decorative elements do you use? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments.

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