How to Convert Old Jars into Brand New Storage?

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Where to store your pasta, spices and other foods or condiments that look great but whose packaging, on the contrary, is ugly and takes up space?

How to create brand new and original storage by transforming your old jars of jam and others? I found !

By dint of keeping them empty at the back of a bric-a-brac cupboard that was starting to overflow, I ended up giving my clothes a second life. jars jam, mustard or vegetable that their makers never imagined.

recycle and transform old jars into storage

In no time!

For this very simple and quick tip I only needed my famous empty jars and a tube of glue / paste without nails or screws.

Jars should have a metal lid (preferably) that screw. For a more aesthetic rendering it is better that the jars have the same shape or similar dimensions. However, a Dalton decrescendo effect can be just as pretty.

How to do

1. Below of a shelf, a high kitchen cupboard or under any flat surface I stick lid using my glue-all paste: so I just stick the top of the lid on the underside of the chosen support.

2. I repeat the operation as many times as I want to fix jars.

3. In this way the jars will simply come screw into their lids underneath, your pasta and spices will be visible and will decorate your kitchen at the same time thanks to their bat jar! In a jiffy your ingredients are arranged / screwed.


There you go, you have recycled your old jars into new storage 🙂

Easy, convenient and economical, isn’t it?

This storage is both useful and pretty. It is both a great idea for storage and decoration by recycling old objects.

Your turn…

If you like this idea, don’t hesitate and let me know in your comments! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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