How my Yoghurt Jars Transform into Decorative Glasses.

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Baby jars, cream yogurt or mustard jars, here are glass jars that can be recycled! I show you how to give them an original and trendy second life.

My father is a great collector of everything. He keeps the cardboard boxes of the shoes, the empty pickle jars, the old crates and other cheese boxes, and yes … For a long time, I told him how stupid this habit of keeping everything was. And I was wrong. Whoever keeps everything becomes more economical and above all a great innovator in trendy decor.

The Second Life of my Glass Jars

By collecting my small yoghurt pots, I quickly found myself with a big pile on my arms. What to do with all this? We can already make candle holders to put pretty candles and create a very nice home atmosphere.

But above all, we can make fashion glasses for our frenzied evenings!

Glass jars for drinking and drinking

Who has never spent an evening looking for the glass they had used 15 minutes before without ever finding it? Plastic cup parties are very practical, but one is not very green, and two, when we organize the party, we end up with a huge pile of empty glasses and even knocked over on the floor. Hello housekeeping!

With your small glass jars, nothing could be simpler to keep the same glass all evening: your name will simply be written on it !

A pen and that’s it

You just need a special pencil “glass painting“. But if you don’t have one, do like me, take a simple marker pen or a permanent pencil to write on CDs, it’s the same.

Then, we write the name of the person who will own the glass for the evening. In order to have a nice font, nothing could be simpler: I print the text with the desired font, then I cut the paper that I tape inside glass.

This way I just have to trace the letters on the glass in transparency, like a layer. Perfect illusion! If you want to be sure that it holds up all evening on the jar, you can add a little polish to the writing.

And that’s a rather original way to customize your glass jars, don’t you think? And in addition, no more messy cup evenings where I spend my time collecting everything. One drink per person, and what a class!

What do you think ? Are you going to test during your next evenings? Tell me in the comments.

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