Here’s how to make an ingenious mini radiator!

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Do you want to gain some heat without necessarily increasing the heating? Looking for an idea to deal with a power failure without freezing? In this case, you will appreciate this mini auxiliary heater! So, we agree, this is only a troubleshooting solution and it will never replace a real electric or gas heater. Still, in a fairly well insulated room, this economical solution can do good when the temperatures are very low in winter! And since it is made with flowerpots and candles, it doesn’t get any more clever and cheap. Find out how to make this small, 100% homemade auxiliary radiator for everyone to help out in winter.

What it takes to make this mini space heater:

-Terracotta or clay flowerpots (one small and another a little larger)
-Tealight candles or mini candles
-A terracotta plate, metal mold and / or bricks (choose materials that are not flammable)

For DIY enthusiasts, nuts, washers and a threaded metal rod may be needed. This makes it possible to put the pot in height without bricks! As for candles, this is obviously not ideal for health, but remember that it is a repair system and therefore occasional. For more frequent use, invest in beeswax or soy wax candles whose fumes are less toxic. They will thus release less polluting substances into the indoor air.

How to achieve this backup heating system?

There are several techniques! In any case, we advise you to keep your crafts away from children as well as your pets. Also avoid moving or handling it when it is on. You can also place aluminum underneath to protect the furniture or the table where you put your auxiliary radiator. And whatever technique is chosen, it is not no need to plug the pot hole. This allows a good combustion of the flame!

Simple techniques:

To achieve it simply, just flip a jar downwards. Then fix your candles on the plate and put bricks on each side for raise the pot above the candles. Then let it burn for several hours while standing nearby. Other people place the candles in a deep plate then cover it with a grid on which they superimpose the jar upside down. You can then finish by covering the smaller pot with the larger pot.

And if you can tinker a little more:

If you have a drill as well as nuts, a rod and washers as explained earlier, you can make a more complex auxiliary heater for more durability. To do this, pierce the terracotta cup in its center. Then pass the rod through the hole and hold it in place on both sides with washers and nuts. Then drop a nut and washer halfway down the stem and put the smaller pot on it. Hold it in place (always with a washer and then a nut). Do the same again a little higher for the bigger pot. All you have to do is add the candles!

With this little homemade DIY, you can warm up the atmosphere a little.

This mini auxiliary radiator in video by jardi brico:

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