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Tidy up okay, but where and how?

Home recycling of commercial containers lightens your life and your trash!

Here are the explanations.

Full of Small or Large Boxes

It’s crazy what we throw away and which could be useful to us!

Jars mustard, nutella, tarama, day cream, terrine, fromage blanc, ice cream; boxes butter, shoes, telephone, cereals; old jars. They come in all sizes and in various materials!

Why do without it? A little wash and presto, we store our paperclips, papers, pens, electric cables or we use them to keep our leftovers for another 3 days in the refrigerator.

Transform and Reuse!

If you are not convinced by their appearance, CUS-TO-MI-SEZ them !!! A bomb hit, painting, of collage, stickers, city maps, newspaper sheets, crepe paper, glitter, varnish, salt dough: anything is possible!

There is nothing more economic and more practical than what we are ready to throw in the trash automatically.

Savings Realized

Boxes, we would need them for a lot of things but it ends up being expensive and we do not necessarily always find the ones to our liking.

A simple little 10cm x 10cm plastic box is easily worth 4 €. The more the format increases, the more the price goes up.

Recover its box of butter, however, does not cost a cent and we have a new one every week!

There is no more decorate them at your convenience. Think about it, it’s free and fun!

What have you thrown out lately that you would have liked to keep? Do you have any tips for recycling items and turning them into storage? You have the floor and it happens in the comments.

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