DIY Home Decor For Dummies In 10 Tips.

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You see all of these wonderful photos on Pinterest.

And you still wonder how these people go about creating such beautiful things themselves?

For sure, if you’re like most people, and your DIY skills are limited to knowing how to hammer a nail, it can seem difficult.

Fortunately, for all those normal people, there are DIY decorating tips that are perfectly doable, provided you have the right explanations.

This is where our 10 tips come in, with which you will become a DIY pro.

1. Make the simplest Christmas decoration in the world

A refrigerator decorated as a snowman.

We start slowly with this very easy decoration. Everyone knows that Christmas is the time when people surpass themselves, and for this year, you are not going to be stranded, thanks to this tip!

2. Create an origami light garland

Garlands with origami.

A few small folds with colored paper, which you then put on the small bulbs and you’re done. Learn how to do this little wonder in this little trick.

3. Recycle books to make flower pots

Old books recycled into flowerpots.

With this trick, you will never be able to complain about having out of date flowerpots again! The explanations are detailed, and the result is stunning.

4. Play it bistro in your kitchen

A bistro chalkboard in the kitchen.

Come on, let’s raise the level a bit! All you need is a little special paint, and the explanation that is in that tip. Good luck !

5. Charming your guests with homemade candle holders

Candle holders with ladles.

We continue in the momentum of recycling, the very foundation of DIY, to make candle holders. Here, we offer you some with the rusty ladles of the grandmother, but we have plenty of other ideas. Discover them here.

6. Organize and decorate at the same time

egg box for storage

Nothing worse than having a very well decorated interior, and messy drawers! To no longer have this problem, and to have a rendering that remains aesthetic, here is a very practical tip.

7. Hide and store your cables

Rolls of toilet paper to store electrical cables.

Everyone knows that having a nice decor requires hiding some unsightly things. Like cables, for example! To store them without taking your head, here is a little DIY tip.

8. Recycle corks to make a trivet

Cork stoppers to make a trivet

Do you drink wine and don’t know what to do with corks? Here is a ready-made DIY trick!

9. Turn an old ladder into a shelf

Ladder recycled as a shelf.

Want new custom-made shelves? If you happen to have an old ladder lying around, this tip is for you.

10. Transform broken handles into decorative handles in 2 Min.

Cork stoppers to make drawer handles.

Are your drawer handles broken? Stop looking for the chic and simple DIY solution, it’s right here.

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