Chic and Cheap Storage for the Bathroom.

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March 06, 2017

Do you need new storage for your bathroom?

No need to buy it!

Why not make chic and inexpensive storage yourself by recycling old jars?

You can put them on a shelf if you are not a handyman or mount them on the wall to save space. Look :

Recycle old jars to optimize the space of your bathroom with hanging storage

What you need

– Jars
– Extra strong glue
– Plank of wood
– Large size hose clamp
– Frame clips

How to do

1. Secure the hose clamps around the jars.

2. Put a point of glue on a hose clamp.

3. Glue your jar on the wooden board.

4. Repeat with all the jars, aligning them well.

5. ATHang the plank of wood on the wall using the picture clips.


There you have it: you have new storage in the bathroom, beautiful and economical 🙂

Bonus tip

If you don’t have jars, you can also use glass yoghurt jars.

There’s another way to turn old jars into brand-new storage for your bathroom or any room in the house: here it is.

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