Can we put the weeds in the compost? What to do with it?

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The chore of weeding is not always very popular with gardeners who devote themselves to it. However, we have no choice! It takes what it takes to find impeccable terrace tiles or preserve the surrounding plants that these plants suffocate by depriving them of nutrients. Weeds also tend to be very invasive in various plantings in the garden or vegetable patch. Also, it is advisable to weed regularly to get rid of it. Once this task is accomplished, however, it is not always clear what to do with the weeds that are removed. Should we burn them? Where can we throw them? The temptation can then be great to slip your weeds into the compost among other green waste and brown waste. But is it really a good idea? Find out what the answer is, and what you can do about it.

Can we put the weeds in the compost?

Friend gardener, know that the answer is usually no, for several reasons. Already, your compost is filled with good nutrients. Also, they are likely to germinate and prosper there. And unfortunately, there is a great chance that you end up sowing them when spreading your natural fertilizer in the garden. It does not take more for the bindweed to quickly invade your entire plot and replace your pretty flower beds! Remember that a weed is often a fast growing plant. Also, the smallest seed lying around can quickly develop, prosper and invade everything. It is therefore better to avoid adding these plants to the compost if you do not want to ruin it!

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The only exception to this rule: choose the weeds that are added to the compost carefully!

If you add weeds that are not not seeded (either without flowers) and without roots, you limit the risks of germination. Also remember (and this goes for all green waste) never to put diseased weeds which could contaminate the compost, then the whole garden. Finely selected, they will provide good nutrients, including minerals in your compost bin.

So where to throw the pulled weeds?

In the law, it is forbidden to burn green waste, the latter being considered as household waste. This indeed causes pollution, unpleasant odors and a risk of fire. However, you can go in recycling center to get rid of it. However, check beforehand the conditions and regulations of the structure closest to you. Normally, you will be able to throw them away as is.

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If you can’t compost them, you can still take advantage of the weeds!

It would be a shame not to use them! Indeed, we tend to judge them quite harshly when they “annoy” us. The fact remains that these are plants that can be very useful and which conceal many benefits.

It is thus possible to recycle the weeds pulled up into liquid manure, green manure or even sometimes mulch to protect your plants. Some of them also have medicinal properties, starting with nettle. Finally, if you have not yet read our article on edible weeds, know that their uses in the kitchen are very numerous. Dandelions, nettles, mugwort… All of them are delicious! Consider using your dandelions to make dandelion honey (or cramaillote).

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