Birthday for Children, from Decoration to Cake Mes Pas Chères Solutions.

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Loulou’s birthday party is approaching, and like every year it’s the same puzzle: how to find tips not to break the bank, between the cake, the decoration, the material …

Puzzle number 1: the place

It is the season of birthdays in the garden ? Owl! … Ah, but I don’t have a garden! Damn, am I going to have to rent a room? I have a garden, but the weather is not sure: what if it rains on the kids and the cake?

In the first case, don’t rent a room, no! Either ask Grandpa and Grandma to lend their much larger house for an afternoon (against the promise to put everything in order, and to hide the trinkets), or you sacrifice a room in the house, in which you place the furniture in the dining room.

And in the second case, all you have to do is, a few weeks in advance, to request the town hall of your village, or an association, and to ask for the loan of tables and arbors. Most of the time it doesn’t cost anything, as long as you find some buddies who will help you load and assemble everything.

Puzzle number 2: the decoration

For a successful party, we love a colorful decoration, banners, balloons, tablecloths, napkins etc … So we think of the ready-made kits of balloons, and economical paper tablecloths, even if we tear them after 3 hours it does not hurt the heart, we will not reuse them. As additional decorations, beautiful paintings of our children, it always has its small effect!

For the outdoor version, think about garden flowers and a few balloons hanging from the arbor and the cake table.

Puzzle number 3: Cake and Candy

The cake ordered at the pastry shop, it’s brilliant: it arrives ready-made and it is superb! But it is often very expensive. This year you don’t have the means? Make a beautiful cake yourself, decorated with smarties or other candies.

There is more and more help on the web to make them, with pretty pictures to back it up. The “do it yourself” always pleases: guaranteed effect! And for the candies, also make them yourself with your children, the day before, they will love it!

Give me your tips in the comments!

Savings Realized

A arbor of 3m costs between 30 and € 120, depending on the models. If you are hosting more than 15 children, you will even need 2 arbors. If you don’t re-use them during the year, there’s really no point in depriving yourself of borrowing them, you So save on average € 75 over the year.

A birthday cake costs in a pastry shop approximately 5 to 9 € per share, and the packages of candies Between 2 and 10 € the bag, depending on what you put in it. Savings made for the year: between 6 and 12 €.

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