An Original Storage for Baby Socks: Egg Boxes.

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Egg cartons for storing baby socks.

Have you never thought about it?

However, the trick is very practical and allows you to no longer run after pairs!

Egg box tip for storing baby socks

Stop Sock Hunting

Have you ever calculated how many pairs of baby socks you have lost? Oh, not lost in the streets or deep in the jungle, no, just lost in the house. A pair behind the dresser. Another at the back of a drawer or behind the pile of bodysuits.

Considering the size, the pairs were quick to slip out of our hands and find themselves with lost objects!

The Solution: Egg Cartons!

To avoid this kind of inconvenience that ends up being expensive, I find that the solution adopted by one of my top-of-the-line friends: she collects all the boxes of eggs she finds, paints them brightly and leaves them. serves as storage. Each small pair takes the place of an egg and no longer risks rolling at the bottom of a drawer or under a piece of furniture.

It’s practical, easy to do, and super original! I even wonder how I managed not to think about it before!

And you, have you ever tried? If you have any other tips for easy storage of baby clothes, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

Savings Realized

Specialty stores have caught on to the trend and all sell special sock boxes. Sold € 9 on average, these boxes have nothing more than the ones you will make at home.

And some brands go even further, presenting the 6 pairs of baby socks directly in egg carton style packaging. At 14 € the lot, we saw more economical as a storage method!

With this trick, I don’t spend a dime more, since I am reusing boxes, which normally should have ended up in the trash. I use the paint intended for rainy afternoons and voila!
To store around thirty pairs of socks we finally arrive at more than 27 € savings compared to what it would cost if we had to buy these boxes off the shelf ….

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