An Original DIY Stair Railing With A Marine Rope.

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Embellish your staircase by adding a little navy touch is the DIY trick of the week.

Creating a DIY stair railing using a simple rope means using a minimum of material for an attractive and original result.

An aesthetic ramp at a lower cost, this is what I needed to adorn the slightly steep stairs of my student mezzanine.

It seemed to me that the idea gleaned (see image) from the net once again would be equally suitable for a flight of stairs more majestic than mine.


Little material needed to perform this trick.

– A marine rope with a more or less important diameter. There are all diameters, I would say that the larger the staircase, the larger the diameter of the rope must be. To buy by the meter in a hardware store, on the net, or to collect from marine friends.

– Some hooks or pitons to screw. I used pitons, which seemed a little safer to me. The ring of the latter must be large enough to pass the rope. To be chosen therefore according to the marine cord. You will find it at your hardware store or at Leroy Merlin.

– Some ankles for fixing the hooks. Here is a link to choose them well. The number depends on the strength and the desired effect: a little slack in the string can be a nice effect.

– A drill, to borrow like me from your nice handyman neighbor or to rent on Zilok.

3 steps and you’re done!

1. Pre-drill the wall at the future locations of the hooks, a little higher than at waist level, then place the pegs there. Space the holes according to the desired effect. For more details, go to how-to-save: How to screw to the walls while avoiding breakage.

2. To screw the hooks or eyelets in these same holes.

3. Then pass the marine rope through the hooks, tying it at the eyebolts at the ends using a bowline for example. In my case, I chose to tie it in this way at the top end of my staircase and, on the contrary, to leave a good meter hanging around that I wound in a spiral at the other end.

Here is enough to give in an hour a marine look to your staircase whatever it is.

If you liked this tip, and you plan to reproduce it at home, let me know in a comment.

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