An original decoration idea for the home.

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June 28, 2011

Here is a decorative idea for the home rather original and handmade. Enough to illuminate your home in a simple and inexpensive way.

You have no idea for decorate your interior without spending a fortune? The best is to put your hands in the dough to make a pretty flower ball and very decorative.

Follow me, I show you:

1. The necessary tools : a sponge, natural if possible, in the shape of a ball, and seeds various flowers of your choice (like pansies for example).

2. Wet your sponge, but not too much. Wring it out a bit so that the water does not drip.

3. Put the flower seeds in the holes of the sponge, in a scattered way so that it is harmonious.

From here A few days, you can admire your pretty flowers which will have sprouted forming a large ball full of colors. Remember towater the sponge from time to time so that it remains constantly humidified without drowning it completely. This is a great decorative idea.

Decoration idea for the house: An original decoration idea for the house.

Savings Realized

The stores are not short ofdecoration ideas for our House, only at what price ?

The smallest painting or decorative trinket quickly costs an amount that you cannot afford to spend too often. So why not improvise handyman, gardener, Or both at the same time ?

This pretty flower ball will not cost you much but on the other hand it will have a lot of effect at home. A pretty decorative object or one original gift to offer, in any case it is an idea to test.

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