An inexpensive Christmas decoration thanks to Outdoor Solar Garlands.

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December 24, 2017

Are you looking for inexpensive and ecological Christmas decoration?

It is true that the flashing garlands, it is very pretty. But if we leave them on all day, hello the electric bill.

I know what I’m talking about, I had the painful experience of it last year. That’s why I looked for a replacement tip …

Fortunately I found something to have a beautiful Christmas decoration without spending electricity!

The outdoor solar garland is a great solution. Look :

tip for making a cheap decoration with a solar Christmas garland

The solar garland for an ecological decoration

The solar garland works the same way as a solar panel.

The garland stores daylight during the day and reflects it back at night.

We therefore benefit from free and 100% natural light!

In addition, solar garlands are very easy to find. Whether in supermarkets or in decoration stores such as Ikea or Gifi, we really find it everywhere, like here.

Your turn…

Have you tested solar garlands? What do you think ? We await your opinion in the comments!

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