An Idea for Making a Decorative and Homemade Trivet.

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A trivet is never very beautiful, and yet it hangs around 24 hours a day in the middle of the dining room table. How to tinker without leaving home a decorative trivet that no longer hangs out but thrones in my kitchen or my dining room … I have found !!

Until now my modest dining table has never known trivet sufficiently elegant which sublimates it. In addition to being ugly, my poor trivets have never found a well-defined place in my drawers. All this is no longer a problem since with a broomstick and laces I tinkered with a trivet that even decorates a wall in my kitchen.

What do i need?

A wooden broomstick large enough will do the trick, this also applies to the sleeves rake or pickaxe.

I then went to look for the shoes that I was no longer wearing. Hop! In a second I found a pair of leather laces fairly long and of suitable color.

Finally, in the tools department of my garage, I grabbed: Two pots of paint, saw and tape measure. Not having a drill I had to borrow one from my neighbor.

A Stroke of Paint and Some Holes

I first sawed my broom handle in 6 pieces of the same length. The most technical is yet to come since it took me drill each of my pieces in the same places: about 4 centimeters from each of their ends.

The drilling once finished, for a nicer rendering I painted them individually in two different colors, I intentionally forgot one that I left raw. For better resistance of the paint which will be subjected to great heat, I provide paint intended for this purpose (for example paint for heaters) or I cover it with a special varnish. The other solution is to paint only one side, the one that will not be exposed to strong heat !!

The paint finally dry I only had to join my pieces of wood one by one drilled by alternating colors according to my tastes, then I have put my shoelaces on, which I knotted elegantly on each side to obtain two handles.

But where to store it?

Once I was finished, I was so taken with its look, I decided not to hide my trivet in front of the world anymore. A hammer and a nail later it was suspended by one of its handles on the wall of my kitchen which he decorates. A trivet has finally found its place!

If you too decide to give trivets a place in your homes, let me know in a comment.

Savings Realized

The prices of trivets on the market are diverse and varied. So count between € 15 and € 30 for a nice wooden trivet, which brings our savings to more or less € 15, depending on how we decide to paint it, the varnish and the paint we have. at home.

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