An Easy and Quick Christmas Decoration on Cakes.

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Can’t cook too well? You are not really a fan of cake decorating?

I am the same! Even though I’m getting better and better, I still have room for improvement.

But at the same time, for Christmas, it’s nice to make an effort. And time is running out …

Fortunately, I found this little trick very practical and incredibly easy to do!

quick easy decration for christmas cakes

How to do

1. Take the strawberries out of the freezer the night before.

2. Let them thaw.

3. Remove the tail of the strawberries, if you have frozen them with their tails.

4. Rinse them gently.

5. Cover your cake with whipped cream.

6. Place the strawberries upside down on your cake.

7. Place a touch of whipped cream on the end of the strawberries.


And there you have it, you have made an easy and quick, and above all superb, decoration for your Christmas cake 🙂

It works with any cake, and even biscuits.

Once, I even presented the strawberries with just their little whipped cream to go with the champagne (Yum !).

No more excuses for not adding a Christmas touch to your cakes during the holidays!

And to have strawberries in the middle of winter, take strawberries in syrup or frozen.

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