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Air humidifier in the apartment

Air humidity in the apartment

Under natural conditions, the human body is designed for a certain air humidity.

But in our apartments, the air humidity is far from the ideal ranges that are maintained in nature. The relative humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25%. The figure is not big. But what will you say when you find out – during the winter period, with the active operation of central heating batteries, the air in our apartments is so dry that its relative humidity is only 20%.

There are established optimum ranges for relative humidity:

1. For a person 40-70%

2. For indoor plants 55-75%

3. For books and antiques 40-60%

4. For furniture 40-60%

5. For electronics and home appliances 45-60%

As you can see from the list, not only people suffer from low humidity, but also plants, furniture, household appliances, etc.

Why is low relative humidity so unpleasant for humans?

First of all, the level of dust in the apartment rises, and dust can cause very strong allergies.

Secondly, dry air adversely affects the condition of human skin, mucous membranes of the voice, nose, throat, lungs.

Therefore, it is necessary, first of all for human health, to maintain the required level of relative humidity in the apartment.

The easiest way to overcome the problem of low air humidity in an apartment is to use air humidifiers.

Air humidifier in the apartment

Air humidifier in the apartment

Air humidifiers Is a special device for humidifying the air in the apartment. The air humidifier maintains the desired microclimate in the apartment, creating a favorable air atmosphere.

Air humidifiers allow you to create in the room (in which they are installed) the required level of relative humidity. Modern models of air humidifiers not only humidify dry air in the apartment, but also maintain air humidity at a given level. This increases their efficiency in use and meets the established safety requirements.

For efficient operation of the humidifier, it must be installed in a closed room. Air humidifiers are easy to use, easy to connect and not expensive to use.

To use a humidifier in your apartment, you just need to pour water into it (as usual, water is poured into the iron) and plug it into an outlet. Air humidifiers can work around the clock. At the same time, he does not create noise and does not interfere with the surrounding household with his work.

Modern humidifiers perform a number of functions:

1. Maintaining a given level of relative humidity.

2. Cleaning the air from dust and impurities.

3. Elimination of electrostatic charges in the ambient air.

Type 1: Traditional humidifiers

Traditional humidifiers are also called cold humidifiers. The air humidification process in these devices occurs naturally. Water is poured into a special tank, from where it is fed to the evaporating elements. Dry air from the room is sucked in by a fan and passed under pressure through the evaporating elements. Water enters the air naturally. Simultaneously with air humidification, the room is cleaned from the dust contained.

Since humidification occurs naturally, the intensity of humidification depends on the actual humidity in the room. If the air is initially dry, the humidification process occurs quickly. When the air humidity reaches its natural level, the process of water evaporation and air humidification slows down. If it is necessary to speed up the process of humidifying the air or to increase the level of air humidity above the naturally established one, you can place a humidifier next to a heating device or at a source of air circulation.


1. The traditional humidifier is easy to operate and operate.

2. The traditional humidifier is economical and consumes very little energy.

3. In addition to humidification, an air humidifier simultaneously purifies the air.

4. Many traditional humidifiers can be used for aromatherapy.


1. Limiting the level of relative humidity in the room to 60%.

2. Replaceable antibacterial filters are required, if provided by the design.

Type 2: Steam humidifiers

Air humidifier in the apartment

Air humidifier in the apartment

Steam humidifiers work on the same principle as a conventional kettle for boiling water. The device heats up the water to its boiling point. In this case, the water evaporates intensively and thus very effectively humidifies the ambient air in the room. Since the water in the humidifier has a high temperature, they are made of special heat-resistant plastic. Steam humidifiers are necessarily equipped with a built-in hygrostat to measure the level of humidity in the room, then because of the effective humidification of the air, the air level in the room may exceed the established norms. Often, the set of steam humidifiers includes special nozzles for the inhaler, for using the humidifier for medical purposes.


1. The steam humidifier will automatically shut off when its tank runs out of water.

2. The steam humidifier is easy to operate and operate.

3. The steam humidifier does not require consumables, special filters and cartridges.

4. The device has the highest performance.


1. Large consumption of electricity.

2. The high temperature of the discharged air is 50-60 degrees, which is dangerous when used in a children’s room.

Type 3: Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers are currently considered effective and as a result the most popular. They have a fundamentally different principle for air humidification. The device uses ultrasonic vibrations to transform water into mist. Air from the room is sucked in by a fan and passed under pressure through the resulting mist. The resulting humidified air returns to the premises in the form of fog. At the same time, the air maintains a cold temperature, so it is safe for others. If you have children, it is better to use an ultrasonic humidifier, as they cannot be burned. Since the steam blown out by the humidifier has a cold temperature, the room temperature can drop by several degrees. For this, devices of this type have a function – warm steam. Thanks to this, the set air temperature in the room is maintained and bacteria and germs in the surrounding air are fought.


1. Thanks to the built-in hydrostat, it is possible to manually adjust the required level of relative humidity in the room. The humidifier will automatically turn on and off to keep the humidity within the set limits.

2. The ultrasonic humidifier will automatically shut off when its tank runs out of water.

3. The ultrasonic humidifier has a wide range of limits for the level of relative humidity in the room from 40 to 70%.

4. Some models of the humidifier are equipped with a rotating spray that directs steam in all directions.

5. Very low noise level during the operation of the device.

6. The ultrasonic humidifier has the lowest power consumption, while the highest humidification efficiency.

7.Ultrasonic air humidifiers are equipped with special filters for water, due to which the resulting steam has no impurities and does not create plaque on the surface of objects located around the device.


Ultrasonic humidifiers are usually equipped with replaceable filters for water purification. But some models do not have such a filter. In this case, you need to worry about the quality of the water to be poured and use only distilled or at least boiled water.


Ultrasonic air humidifiers have one drawback – their high price compared to other models of air humidifiers. But due to their compactness, economy and high level of performance, ultrasonic humidifiers fully justify themselves over time.

Type 4: Climatic complexes

Climatic complexes are a household appliance that performs a large number of functions to improve the atmosphere in the room.

Air humidification. It works like a traditional humidifier – the air is humidified by natural evaporation of water. The humidity level can be maintained within a specified range of values. The performance of the humidifier decreases as the humidity level in the room rises.

Air humidifier in the apartment

Air humidifier in the apartment

Air cleaning. For air purification in climatic complexes, several types of filters are used, for air purification, immediately from several types of dust (of different sizes and different origins). The air purifier allows you to filter: dust, bacteria, dust mites, exhaust fumes, city smog, tobacco smoke, etc.

Air ionizer. All climatic complexes have a built-in air ionizer. Thanks to him, the air is saturated with oxygen ions.

Air aromatization. The climatic complex has a special capsule containing oils. With its help, the aromatization of the indoor air is carried out.


1. A large number of functions.

2. Small dimensions with great opportunities.


1. The maximum achievable moisture level is 60%

2. Periodic replacement of consumables.

Type 5: Air Purifiers

Air purifiers, in addition to the main function of humidifying the air, perform another equally important function – they purify the air.

The principle of operation is almost the same as that of a conventional air humidifier. The dust contained in the air is passed in the air through the water in the purifier and settles in a special tray. If you need clean and fresh air in your room, an air purifier will easily cope with this task, and if the room is very dusty, you simply cannot do without such a device to quickly restore a clean atmosphere.


1. In addition to humidifying the air, air is purified.

2. The minimum noise level.

3. Does not require any filters or consumables.


Maximum achievable moisture level 60%

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