A Unique and Free Decorative Object: the Stool to Decorate.

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May 10, 2010

For smart stingers who want to develop their creativity, the trick is to turn your old stool into an object of decoration.

All you need to do is bring your brush, a pot of glue, and clippings from magazines or any other scraps of paper that inspire you.

Then let your imagination do the rest: start painting various designs on your stool and stick your newspaper clippings there you feel it.

You might be far from a work of art on the 1st try but at least you will have had a good time and you will have a decorative object unique for 0 euros ;-).

Savings made

To enjoy a decoration trend without spending a euro, recycle your stool in decorative object is a great tip.

If you take a liking to decoration homemade, also think about recycling your boxes to make very nice decorative objects.

In any case, you will understand that we can take pleasure in decorate his house without spending a round!

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