A Simple Idea For Decorating Your New Year’s Table.

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Want an inexpensive decoration for your table at Christmas?

The table is also entitled to a beautiful decoration to celebrate Christmas!

But no need to spend a fortune on table decoration and spend hours there …

Fortunately, a friend gave me an absolutely brilliant and really economical decoration idea to make yourself.

The trick is to make snowmen with white plates and red napkins. Look :

Christmas table decoration with snowmen easy to make yourself

What you need

– large white plates

– white dessert plates

– black paper napkins

– red cloth napkins

– silver cutlery

– large white or gray placemats

– small carrots

– olives

How to do

1. Arrange a placemat vertically.

2. Place a large plate on the set.

3. Place a dessert plate on top of the large plate.

4. Place a black napkin on top of each dessert plate to make the hat.

5. Hold your snowman’s hat by resting the knife on it.

6. Fold a red cloth napkin to make a headband.

7. Place it astride the large plate and the dessert plate, to make your snowman’s scarf.

8. Place the fork diagonally on the plate on the left to make an arm of the snowman. Place it about 2/3 of the way down and put the tines of the fork up.

9. Do the same with the teaspoon, on the right, to make the other arm.

10. Take 3 olives and place them vertically in the middle of the large plate to make the buttons.

11. Take 2 more olives and put them in the small plate to make the eyes of the snowman.

12. Peel a small carrot (or cut off the end of a carrot) and put it on the small plate for the nose.

13. Repeat as many times as you have guests.


A Simple Idea For Decorating Your New Year's Table.

And there you have it, you have made a superb table decoration in 2 minutes flat 🙂

Easy, fast and economical, isn’t it?

No need for super complicated tutorials to make these funny snowmen!

It is the easiest table decoration to make. The kids will love it and they will be super happy to help you make it.

Obviously, if you look on Pinterest, you will find a thousand and one DIY decorating ideas for the Christmas table: traditional, chic, natural, red and gold, in fabric, etc.

But this one is definitely the cheapest you can find and the easiest to make for Christmas 2020.

In fact, it’s almost free. And the result is adorable, isn’t it?

In addition, it is ready in 5 minutes which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your family.

Bonus tip

You can complete your table decoration by creating a centerpiece with white balls and red and white candy canes in a tall vase with a hat over it.

You can also add snowflakes, pine cones, oranges, logs, natural items picked up during a walk, salvaged or recycled items to your table.

Your turn…

Have you tried making this simple and inexpensive Christmas table decoration? Tell us in the comments if you liked it. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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