A DIY Tea Towel Holder with Simple Clothespins!

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An original, practical tea towel hanger, easy to make in a minimum of time, this is my DIY tip of the day.

Take some wooden clothespins, I’ll show you how.

Little time and money, this is what I’m willing to devote to a simple towel hanger, in these times of crisis I imagine not being the only one, here is the trick economical and fun that I found us.

It is obviously possible to divert this trick in many ways: to hang pictures in his living room, or his keys in an entry and certainly many more that I never thought of. Your turn to judge.

What you need

– 1 or more clothespins, as many as there are tea towels to hang.

Screws, not too large, one per clothespin.

1 screwdriver and an manual drill with a little elbow grease.

Or 1 screwdriver drill, not essential, it will still facilitate the work. To be obtained as always from a handyman neighbor, or on Zilok.

How to do

The clothespins will be screwed to the wall, clamp down and the tea towel will simply clip onto it from below.

To add a touch of color, it is smart to paint the clothes pegs the day before by removing the spring.

1. So I have decided on the location of my future tea towel holder and have pre-drilled a small hole in my wall. No ankle needs to support the low weight of the tea towels. To remember the basics of fixing it is possible to consult this link.

2. In the same way I have pre-drilled my clothespins. One hole per pliers in one of the two ends which allows it to be caught. Shorten one end with a saw or disassemble it if necessary, such as when touching up paint.

3. The final step is to screw the clothespin to the wall, pinch down and you’re done.

You enjoyed this tip or have improvements to make, let me know in a comment.

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