a Decorative Idea to Stick Everywhere.

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Do you want an intimate or rather romantic atmosphere? I opt for the lace tape, a decorative idea that I stick everywhere.

If I am organizing a party, a romantic dinner or even if I want to feel comfortably installed in a cozy atmosphere, I have found the essential accessory for that.

Decorating your interior is not easy. But sometimes a few ideas are enough. I had already suggested that you make pretty candle holders with baby jars or glass yogurt.

I also showed you how to customize your cans to make them very trendy flower pots. Well, the lace tape will be useful for these two decorative ideas, and for many other things as well. Imagination has no limits!

What is Lace Tape?

Small lesson in etymology (very short, don’t worry). It is an English word that we break down into two to quickly understand its meaning:

Lace = lace

Tape = Scotch

The lace tape is therefore a kind of lace tape.

To Decorate What?

What’s the point ? This is the good news: to decorate whatever you want.

So you can stick some on your deco glasses to make them more fun. Or on your candle holders for a very warm, cozy atmosphere, guaranteed romantic effect!

And why not stick some on my boxes storage, which are rarely very classy, ​​it must be admitted. I also use it to add a touch of fantasy to gifts that I offer to my friends: I stick a band around my gift package and here it is customized.

Lace Tape, where are you hiding?

Where to find this essential accessory? In the creative hobby shops in priority. In this kind of store, I quickly realize that I’m not the only one to make lots of little things to decorate my interior.

There are all colors, lace or fabric, with patterns or plain, and different widths. Enough to make lots of combinations!

And you, what are you going to do with the lace tape? Do you have any other ideas? Tell me in the comments.

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