A Decoration Tip for the Children’s Room.

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The smart trick for decorating the children’s room is to use the samples that are offered in the store.

There are quite a few DIY signs out there that give you free samples of stickers and adhesive borders. Some online stores also offer you to receive samples to test the decorations before buying them.

Take advantage of the Samples

Instead of spending a fortune on a decorative kit, do not deprive yourself of this good decoration plan for the children’s room in the colors of Dora the Explorer, Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh.

For stickers, you are entitled to a sample (to test the adhesion of the product for example) and for wall friezes, we give you 40 cm.

Decorations for children’s rooms are not cheap, especially when it comes to their favorite cartoon characters. For example, a roll of Dora the Explorer wall frieze it is 15 €. At this price, difficult to please everyone when you have several pieces of cabbage.

And Take a Pair of Scissors

Now that you have all kinds of samples, the decor is yours.

Even if the quantity is not monstrous, with a little imagination you have enough to decorate the children’s room in a way original and fun. Cut, position, glue, according to your inspiration and the layout of the room.

What do you think of this tip? If you have already tested it, do not hesitate to use the comments section to give your little decoration tips!

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