A Clever Pasta Storage Box.

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Confused about how to store your pasta packages in your kitchen?

Tired of those badly closing packages of pasta and rice?

Sometimes difficult to know what they contain …

Here is a clever storage that will allow you to see at a glance the ingredients you need.

The trick is to use 2 plastic bottles to make an airtight box:

plastic pasta storage bottle

How to do

1. Take two plastic bottles.

2. Wash the bottles with dish soap and dry them well.

3. Cut one of the bottles in the middle to make the base.

4. Cut the other bottle at the bottom to make the lid.


And there you have it, you now have storage for your pasta 🙂

In addition to pasta, you can also store your rice grains inside.

Simple, practical and efficient. And it’s more economical than buying pasta storage boxes.

In addition, it allows you to recycle your plastic bottles instead of throwing them away.

Your turn…

Have you tried this economical tip for storing pasta and rice? Tell us in the comments if it was effective. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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