A Bistro Blackboard In My Kitchen.

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Want to refresh your kitchen by giving it a bistro-chic air?

Add a brasserie-style chalkboard to it: it’s a good excuse to scribble on the walls as an adult.

But no need to buy one!

You just have to do it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Look :

homemade blackboard for the kitchen


– painter’s tape

blackboard effect paint or slate paint, or ferromagnetic paint, more expensive but which has the advantage of being magnetic

Note: choose the quantity according to the surface to be covered. 250 ml are enough to make a small table, knowing that several layers are necessary.

– a brush or paint roller

– primer paint

– sandpaper

How to do

1. Prepare the surface of your board by roughly sanding with sandpaper.

2. Put on a coat of primer. So pass this coat of primer in the demarcated area.

3. Leave to dry overnight.

4. Then gently apply, preferably with a roller, a first coat of your slate or ferromagnetic paint.

5. Let dry, which may take up to overnight.

6. Finally, apply a second coat (a third may sometimes be necessary).


There you have it, your own bistro style chalkboard for your kitchen.

Nothing prevents further embellishing this bistro-style blackboard by creating an original frame, in driftwood for example.

homemade blackboard

Once everything is dry, step back and enjoy the new bistro-chic style of your kitchen!

homemade kitchen board

Your turn…

Have you tried making this DIY decoration idea? Show us your photos in the comments. We can’t wait to see them!

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