9 Cheap Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

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Are you looking for decorating ideas for Halloween?

But don’t want to spend a fortune to decorate the house?

You are in the right place !

We have selected 9 decorative ideas for you that won’t cost you much!

Don’t worry, not only are they easy to do, but these ideas are really scary too.

economical decorating ideas for halloween

I guarantee that your children will love these decorations! Look :

1. Bleeding candles

bleeding candle for halloween

a homemade decoration candle for halloween

a white candle with nails next to it

The nails are driven into the candle.

Tutorial to make a candle full of blood for Halloween with a white candle, nails and a red candle

the red candle makes blood

Halloween decoration with bloody white candles

These candles are so weird … but so easy to make! You just need white candles, a few nails, and a red candle to make the blood. I have a feeling that this candlelit dinner is going to be perfectly macabre! Follow this tutorial to bloody your candle. All you have to do is put a few nails.

2. An invasion of bats

cardboard paper bat stuck on a wall

bat decoration with pumpkin

a room decorated with bats

how to make a bat out of cardboard paper

cut out the shape of the bat

stick the bats on a wall

cardboard bats decorate the exterior walls

an economical decoration for halloween

use scotch tape to hold the halloween decorations

Have fun making your halloween decoration

If you are spending Halloween night outside, tape these black cardboard bats around your house. Fold them in the center so that dim lights cast shadows around the room. A great idea to easily give a Halloween atmosphere to your home.

3. Floating ghosts

halloween decoration with ghosts

Why buy these huge hanging ghosts when you can just make them yourself? It’ll take you a little longer, but it’s worth it! They are cute during the day and scary at night. It’s an easy and inexpensive DIY that you can do with your kids by following this simple tutorial.

4. Horrible dolls to decorate your table

a doll to serve guacomole

open doll for halloween decoration

Do you receive guests? So, above all … don’t do this table decoration idea because it is so horrible and terrifying. Uh, actually, it’s Halloween so why not! Nobody likes these dolls do they? So who will want to eat guacamole in a doll’s stomach? Everyone I hope!

5. Jars of laboratory specimens

halloween decoration jars

canned exotic fruits

exotic fruits in jars with syrup

tin can of jackfruit

pieces of cold cuts that look like brain

idea of ​​specimen jar to make for halloween with sausages

sausages in a jar to scare this halloween

bamboo roots

bamboo roots in a jar for halloween

jars with food to make jars of scary specimens for halloween

Jars full of weird Halloween products

Spooky jars for Halloween

jars of specimens for halloween

stack of jars of specimens for halloween

a cabinet of jars of specimens for halloween

Here is a simple way to disgust your guests and feed them at the same time! Everything in these jars is edible even if they are not the finest foods. Best not to say a word about these jars … until you start enjoying one in the middle of the night.

To make them, you will need jars like these. Then, you will have to buy, for example, lychees, canned jackfruit, sausages, fresh bamboo stalks, tapioca pearls, rice noodles or even use hard-boiled eggs and boiled cauliflower.

You put these foods in the jars and pour a thick liquid over them like liquid caramel, maple syrup, juice, soda to make a weird substance. Don’t forget to put a little label with scary names on your jars.

6. Flowers with bulging eyes

A bouquet of black roses with a protruding eye in the center

This bouquet of flowers is terrifying and slightly disturbing … To achieve them, just buy fake flowers and fake eyes in a prank shop or here on the internet. You glue the eyes to the center of the flower and you get these weird flowers. Prefer dark flowers to accentuate the “Halloween horror” side.

7. Terrifying dolls

makeup dolls for halloween

Dolls can be very cute, but also scary! How? ‘Or’ What ? Just paint old dolls with black and white makeup using a simple makeup sponge. Terrifying result guaranteed!

8. A crown of snakes

black crown with snakes for halloween

What could be scarier than … that? Frankly … nobody likes snakes. I find that this crown gives a great effect in black. You can also add some in color. To make this horrible Halloween decoration, all you need is a rattan wreath like this, a lick of black paint, and a few plastic snakes.

9. A terrifying family portrait

horrible pictures to make halloween

Are you interested in some macabre family photos? Nothing’s easier ! Pick a few photos and scan them if they are not already scanned.

Open your PSE photo editing software. Select 2 saved photos that you want to merge. Click on “Folder”, then “New” and finally “Photomerge Faces”. Use the “Alignment” tool to mark the photos. Use the “Pencil” and “Eraser” tools to merge your selections. When you are satisfied with the result, click “Save” and print your terrifying photo.

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