7 Storage Tips That Will Save You Space WITHOUT Spending € 1!

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Running out of space at home?

And are you looking for tips to save space?

Then you have come to the right place! Everyone dreams of a nickel, zen and airy apartment!

But if it’s to put everything in the cellar, it’s not necessarily practical …

The ideal is to find storage space that allows you to keep things close at hand.

The best storage is often the simplest!

Here is 7 storage tips that will save you space without spending € 1 ! Look :

7 simple storage tips

1. Slip your important documents behind a row of books

a tidy shelf with books and trinkets

If you don’t have enough space, no need to put your documents in cumbersome filing cabinets to keep them tidy. You can simply slide them behind a row of books, on your shelf.

The first thing to do is to sort your documents by piles. The easiest is to sort them by categories, for example Taxes, Car Insurance, EDF invoices, etc.

Then put the documents in elastic folders or, even simpler, in kraft envelopes.

And now, for storage “neither seen nor known”, all you have to do is slip the documents behind a row of books, on your shelf.

Your documents are out of sight of prying eyes, yet still close at hand … in case your accountant has really need this macbook bill.

2. Store your bed sets in pillow cases

napkins and napkins neatly folded and stored on shelves

Don’t have a linen closet to store your bed sets? No problem.

Start by folding your fitted sheet into a nice rectangle. Then, make a nice pile with all the pieces of the set: fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillow cases, etc.

Put the set inside one of the matching pillowcases: now your bed sets are tidy AND easy to find. Click here for the tutorial in detail.

3. Use your empty suitcase to store summer or winter clothes.

A suitcase full of clothes folded for storage

We all have an empty suitcase lying under the bed … So why not use it to store this huge down jacket that we only put on in winter?

Sweaters, scarves, coats … take all your off-season clothes and put them in a suitcase under your bed, until you need them again.

Do you want an efficient technique to save even more space in your suitcase? I advise you to roll up your clothes instead of folding them. The tutorial is here.

4. Store your tights and socks in your boots

A shelf full of shoes and boots

In summer, consider storing tights, stockings, leggings and knee high socks in the uppers of your boots out of season.

This trick will save you space in your sock drawer.

This is room you can use to store seasonal clothes, such as swimwear.

And in autumn, alternate: put the tights and stockings back in the sock drawer and store your swimsuits in the suitcase under the bed, as indicated in the previous point.

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5. Use shoebox lids to organize drawers

a drawer with shoe boxes to store socks and underwear

Why waste your money on one of those expensive drawer organizers? The practical (and free) trick is to simply use shoebox lids.

Recycle these lids into small, shallow storage bins. They will be perfect for organizing cosmetics, office supplies and other small items that clutter the inside of your drawers.

And for DIY enthusiasts, you can decorate these storage units with a little washi, the famous decorative paper. The tutorial is here.

6. Store small handbags in larger bags

handbags stored on a shelf

As with Russian dolls, your handbags can easily fit together.

A clutch fits perfectly in a medium bag, which fits in a large handbag, and so on.

And to find your handbags even more easily when you want, the trick is to group all your accessories by color.

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7. Stack the books on the out of service radiators

books stored on cast iron radiators

In the summer nobody uses the old cast iron radiators, do they?

Not many people think about it, but the top of a radiator is a great place to store books upright and integrate them into the decor.

To make a nice stack, put down the larger hardcover books first. Then continue to stack, using smaller and smaller books.

Practical and elegant, don’t you think?

Your turn…

Have you tried these super easy and free storage tips? Tell us in the comments if it was effective. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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