7 Reclaimed Ideas for a Truly Original Living Room Decor.

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I love to create, recover and recycle improbable objects that will end up as decoration in my house.

Pallets of course, branches, hangers, corks … It’s so much more economical and unique!

Let’s take a look at 7 recycled ideas to bring your living room back to life at a lower cost. Look :

recover and divert old furniture or objects to make an original decoration

1. Pallet shelves

use pallets to make shelves in the living room

A great classic of the DIY movement (DO It Yourself: Do it yourself), theuse old pallets. Instead of throwing them away, we’re going to transform them to create beautiful, original shelves.

You just need to divide your palette into three parts. Do not forget to recover one of the boards to make the base of the shelf. To paint or to leave raw.

And if like me, at the beginning, you don’t know how to disassemble a pallet, go see this video, you will become a real pro!

2. A pallet TV cabinet

An old pallet can easily turn into a TV stand

Another piece of furniture to make thanks to the pallets : your TV cabinet! For our example, half a pallet will be enough, use the rest of the boards to consolidate the furniture.

You will only have to add four casters if you wish, leave it raw or paint it to your liking.

3. Hang your art with your old hangers

Old hangers for hanging pictures

An idea that I really liked, especially if you have budding artists at home: create a display area of your drawings, sketches, sketches and paintings.

For this you will need only a few things, some flat hangers (for pants or skirts) to hang your works and some cleats to fix to the wall.

4. A branch as a candlestick

Use a tree branch as a candlestick

Yes, you read correctly ! And it will give your room a bohemian and romantic effect.

So you will needa plugged that you are going to hang horizontally from your ceiling. Add a few glass candles, or just a light garland, and voila!

5. An original atmosphere thanks to the corks

Decorative cork stoppers

To create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, you can use very simple utensils: two vases (one small and one large), a candle and corks.

The idea is to install the small vase in the large one, the space between the two being filled and secured by the corks. All you have to do is add your candle in the center. Its light will diffuse delicately between the corks and create a beautiful atmosphere.

6. Belts shelves

Wall shelves made of leather belt

Seen from here, it doesn’t look great. Think again ! The result is stunning. Of course, this shelf will not be made to accommodate your entire collection of comics, but on the other hand, it will give an inimitable cachet to your room.

So you will need 2 boards quite thick and two old leather belts. Simple nails will be enough to attach the belts to the boards and walls, and voila, your shelves are finished!

7. A library with old boxes

Library with old boxes

The easiest recovery trick! The concept is simple, you will recover old wooden crates, clean them, stack them and … tadam! Your new library has just been created.

So of course, vintage lovers will improve the visual rendering by giving a stroke of paint on the boxes to adapt them to their interior and accentuate their “old wood” side.

I love this easy, cheap, green and really beautiful concept!

And if you are looking for other DIY ideas with recycled objects, you will find some in this book.

Your turn…

But, what about you? Do you know any other salvage ideas for the living room decor? Come tell us all about it in the comments!

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