7 original and inexpensive decoration ideas for my kitchen.

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You know, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen to cook up various recipes for you.

Also, I am always on the lookout for original and inexpensive decor ideas to beautify my kitchen.

1. A cork trivet

In the kitchen, there are many bottles of wine uncorked to complement my dishes and sauces. So, rather than throwing away these corks, I followed the advice of our friend Bastien and I recovered them all in order to make an original trivet!

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2. A towel hanger with clothespins

The tea towels? I use it all the time when I cook. I tend to leave them lying around on my counter or on my kitchen table. I remedied this little mess by following Bastien’s advice once again: with a clothespin, I can hang them up easily!

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3. My food in elegant jars

To simmer good meals, I like to have all my ingredients close at hand without rummaging in my cupboards. I want practicality but also aesthetics!

I then opted for a chic and inexpensive decorative solution: the recovery of all my empty jars. Coffee beans, spices and aromatics, flour, pasta or rice, each in its own jar. I have them on my worktop or on a shelf and for a chic side, I place a pretty ribbon around each one that recalls the colors of my kitchen!

4. A solid wood cutting board

Cut my vegetables, fruits, meats and fish out of solid wood? I say yes right away! It is much more pleasant and healthier than a simple plastic board. But there you have it … you still have to have the budget to invest in this expensive utensil. Thanks to Bastien’s trick, I made my own cutting board inexpensively!

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5. A slate reminder

The kitchen is the room in which I spend the most time. So I installed a blackboard there in order to note the errands to be done, the appointments of the day and other priorities. So I always have the important things to do before my eyes. Thank you Bastien for this practical idea!

6. Personalized glasses

Glasses, I have all the colors and all the shapes. I then came up with an idea to personalize them according to my desires: using a special water-based paint marker (Amazon link), I make small drawings on them that amuse my whole tribe! An original way to give them a makeover for all circumstances.

Easy to clean, just a wipe of the sponge.

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7. A tablecloth all in photos

A really original idea from our decor blogger Arielle: a transparent oilcloth for my kitchen table under which I have pictures! Family, friends or even trips and events, I can admire these pictures while eating or cooking.

And you, what are your tips for decorating your kitchen inexpensively? Leave me your ideas and advice in the comments!

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