6 effective recipes for making a non-toxic slime

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To please children who love to indulge in creative and sensory hobbies, it is always very pleasant to know easy and non-toxic recipes so that they don’t have to limit themselves to salt dough. With a few basic ingredients and natural products, you can indeed achieve amazing recipes. Flour and oil make kinetic sand (or magic sand), and baking soda is the basic ingredient in homemade play dough. However, nothing beats the pleasure of mixing a beautiful ultra-malleable slime. To avoid using a slime recipe based on chemicals or household products that can cause irritation to children (laundry, essential oils, soda crystals, etc.), here are recipes for making a homemade slime that is gentle on the skin and very successful. Some recipes are even edible!

1) the edible marshmallow slime recipe

For a little one who likes to put everything in his mouth, it is one of the most popular recipes. In general, this preparation is unanimous with its sweet sweet smell!

Ingredients :
100 g of marshmallows
70 g icing sugar
3 teaspoons of vegetable oil

Steps :
First of all, melt your marshmallows in the microwave on maximum power, keeping a close watch. Then, when everything is well melted, add the icing sugar and the oil. Knead the mixture with your fingers in the container (be careful not to burn yourself!). It’s ready !

2) a cornstarch recipe

Here, we deviate a bit from the classic slime recipe, because we do not get an elastic dough. Very intriguing and fun for children, the result is both hard when pressed and liquid when left to stand. Ideal for sensory workshops!

Ingredients :
A volume of water
A volume of cornstarch
A few drops of food coloring

Steps :
In your water, stir in food coloring to color your sticky dough recipe. Then add the cornstarch as you go, until the dough no longer sticks to the fingers and the bowl. It’s ready !

non-toxic slime recipes
Credit: Pixabay / JamieHarrington

3) Toothpaste slime for everyone

It is always unpleasant to want to make a recipe, whether it is for eating or for creative activities, and that one ingredient is always missing or not everything is easy to find. Here, the question does not arise, because you already have all the ingredients at home. And it’s as easy as it is very effective!

Ingredients :
5 tablespoons of toothpaste
A teaspoon of vegetable oil of your choice (sunflower oil, sweet almond, coconut, olive …)

Steps :
In a microwave-safe bowl, pour 5 generous spoons of toothpaste. Heat several times in 10 second cycles. A coarsely granular powder should be obtained. Once it’s done, you can add your vegetable oil. If the texture is too liquid, you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds and then let it cool. It’s ready !

4) The slime scented with shower gel or dishwashing liquid

It may be the least sure recipe in terms of result. Indeed, all shower gels are not created equal and do not have the same composition. Salt is added to it in proportions which may again vary. In short, it’s time to experiment with your children in search of the perfect dosages! Start with small amounts before doing more.

Ingredients :
Shower gel (you can also use washing up liquid)
Food coloring

Steps :
Pour in a bowl the amount of shower gel or washing up liquid corresponding to the desired amount of slime. Stir air into the detergent then proceed to adding salt in small amounts. We suggest that you go there by pinch (one to two), because putting too much could liquefy the preparation. Then put it all in the freezer for an hour. It’s ready !

homemade non-toxic slime recipe
Credit: iStock

5) The recipe for blond psyllium slime

He is best known for his transit regulatory effects. It makes it possible to fight against constipation. However, when combined with water, blond psyllium takes on a thick gel consistency. And once heated, it looks like slime!

Ingredients :
2 tablespoons of blond psyllium (in the organic or dietetic department in supermarkets or in organic stores)
250 ml of water
Food coloring

Steps :
Pour your ingredients into a saucepan, mix and heat for a few minutes. Watch carefully: the mixture should thicken, but not too much. Indeed, as it cools, your slime will eventually harden. Once at room temperature, it’s ready!

6) the chia seed slime recipe

This is again a 100% edible recipe, especially as chia seeds are rich in protein and calcium and offer many health benefits. They also give the slime a nice textured effect as well as a very fun grainy texture. We are no more surprising and original!

Ingredients :
200 ml of water
200 g of cornstarch
15g chia seeds
A teaspoon of xanthan gum (a natural gelling agent in organic stores)
Food coloring

Steps :
After leaving your seeds to soak for 2 hours in water, stir and then add the xanthan gum and the food coloring. Then gradually add the cornstarch until the dough no longer sticks to your hands. It’s ready !

Whichever recipe you choose, keep your slime in an airtight jar or closed bottle to prevent it from drying out and losing its sticky texture.

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