6 Decorating Ideas For a Beautiful Christmas Table.

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Need some clever and magical last minute ideas to decorate your Christmas table?

No need to spend a fortune to impress your family on New Years Eve.

Imagination, colors and good humor will be enough to amaze everyone.

Even Santa Claus will not get over it (but tell him not to forget to drop the presents at the foot of the tree anyway!).

6 economical ideas to decorate a Christmas table without spending anything

1. Carved oranges

orange decorations

Using a box cutter or a knife that cuts well, make pretty designs on the rind of your oranges.

Let your imagination, or the artist’s delirium, take over to turn your oranges into true works of art.

You can also plant cloves in it: it’s even prettier and smells so good!

To find out how to make these homemade decorations, read our tip.

2. Origami garlands

origami garlands

Arranged on the table, as you wish, origami garlands are the most beautiful effect.

You can also make simple balls, to place on the table, everywhere, to put color.

Here is a tutorial on how to make them yourself.

3. Colorful aperitifs

colorful appetizers

Start your meal with a colorful aperitif cocktail. Here’s a great way to put some joy and color on your table.

Mix white wine or champagne, with liquor or fruit juice for pretty colors.

We tell you more here.

Cheers ! To be consumed in moderation of course …

4. A natural table decoration

decorate natural table

Sometimes a simple walk in the woods can provide the ideas needed for a natural and warm party table.

Pretty pine cones, holly branches, mistletoe or even pretty fir branches will make your table festive without spending a round.

To find out more, here is our tip.

5. Decorations made from recycled plastic bottles

plastic deco

Did you know that your plastic bottles are a real gold mine for free and original decorations?

Here is a tutorial on how to make them yourself.

Your New Year’s table will be unforgettable, be sure of it.

6. Fun and festive desserts

santa claus hat cake

And to make your table party, from aperitif to dessert, here is a good idea to make your guests smile.

In this trick, we suggest you dress your cakes with a Santa Claus hat, so that they don’t catch cold! Choose frozen strawberries or another seasonal fruit.

To find out how, read our tip.

Cheap, fun and colorful, these ideas should amaze young and old. And that is the spirit of Christmas, isn’t it?

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