5 tips for a cheap makeover

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Unfortunately, the sofa is not an eternal piece of furniture. However, its often expensive price means that we often try to keep it as long as possible. On the maintenance side, we treat the stains avoiding the halos and we take things in hand when it sags. However, it also happens that we get tired of it over time. Whether it is because it looks gray or just because you can no longer see its look in paint, there are luckily some tips to give it a second youth. And out of the question to break the piggy bank too much! So, find out how to revamp your outdated sofa on the cheap and breathe new life into your living room.

1) buy new cushions

Multiply the colorful or trendy patterned cushions to bring both comfort and “pep” to your old sofa. Nestled on the seat or against the armrests, they will help wake up a sad old sofa and will delight the whole family who will only spend more time there!

2) Change the legs of your sofa

We do not do better to have the impression of dealing with a real trendy sofa from Maisons du Monde. Replacing the feet with a more original or designer model will rejuvenate the appearance of the sofa in a single step. More, changing the base is very easy on most models. Otherwise, you can consider dusting and sanding them before painting. A splash of golden paint or colorful patterns made with a brush will be enough to wake him up!

3) Install a pretty sofa throw to give it a makeover

Are the sofa and seat cushions not removable? In this case, it will be difficult to change them. Instead, why not opt ​​for a plaid or a throw that can be suitable for the season ? In winter, go to a decoration store to buy an ultra cocooning thick blanket. And in summer, favor light plaids in vibrant colors to breathe new life into the sofa at a lower cost.

4) Bet everything on the decoration around to stage it and embellish it

You may not be able to easily change the furniture. However, all the elements around can be modified to give new life to your furniture. This can be done with a pretty wallpaper or an elegant paint to revamp the section of the wall behind the sofa. Just choose a shade or pattern that harmonizes with the living room decor. Otherwise, change the elements around: end of sofa, frames, trendy rugs, lamp with graphic curves, mirrors… Everything is allowed to redo the decoration without breaking the bank!

5) A lick of paint to revamp the sofa

If you care about your sofa, but it has aged badly, you may well consider… painting it! Be careful, however, you will need choose your product. For a weathered leather sofa, use leather paints and leather dyes. For the fabric or microfiber sofa as well as the suede sofa, there is also a suitable textile dye. Remember, however, that very often, it is impossible to use a shade lighter than the initial shade. If you don’t mind a darker shade, this will be a nice option to change your sofa without setting foot in a furniture store!

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