5 Reclaimed Ideas For An Original Bathroom Decor.

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The bathroom is a room where we spend a lot of time.

It is therefore natural to make it a pleasant and original place to wash and take care of yourself.

But no need to spend a fortune to personalize the decor of the bathroom.

Here are 5 decorating ideas with recycled material that you won’t soon forget!

recovery decoration ideas for a bathroom

1. My authentic towel bar: the recycling ladder

Like a mix of modernity and authenticity in my dwarf room, thanks to this original and very decorative towel holder.

Theladder used from my dad that he no longer uses, I reuse it as a useful and economical decorative object.

Placed against the wall to place all my towels to dry, it gives my bathroom a very raw and natural air, like a return to simplicity.

towel rack for a nice bathroom decor

2. My pebble carpet for a Zen atmosphere

On the beach, I picked up a lot of pretty flat pebbles. I have so many that I will be able to make a nice rug for my bathroom. Zen atmosphere guaranteed!

To achieve it:

1. I pick up my pebbles during a great weekend at the beach. Dirty chore, I know …

2. I take a carpet with short hairs.

3. I put my pebbles there as I want and I glue them with tile adhesive.

4. I let it dry one day and one night to make sure everything is dry.

And here is the work. Isn’t my carpet covered with pebbles beautiful? I feel like I’m at the seaside again every time I step out of my bath.

pebble bathroom rug

3. My bath bridge for a princess toilet

I always dreamed of having a bath bridge like in a hotel room luxury in order to take a bath in a regal and distinguished way.

I can thus place a few scented candles, a glass of wine and my favorite book there for an aquatic reading!

To achieve it, you have to find a beautiful plank of wood which will cross the tub. And for DIY explanations, read more here.

Wooden bath bridge

4. My refurbished shower curtains

Shower curtains only last a time. But we can extend their lifespan by pampering them.

Here is 2 tips essential to have great shower curtains without spending a penny:

1. Last time around, when I nearly broke my face getting out of the tub, I pulled my shower curtain back to catch my fall (and it worked!). Except that the eyelets on my curtain are completely torn.

Fortunately there is this really practical trick to make new eyelets for my curtain and refurbish it in 15 min.

2. When I don’t hold back on my shower curtain to prevent a fall, I see an equally unpleasant thing: mold.

In this case, it’s very simple: when I get out of the shower, I leave the shower curtain open over its entire length so that it dries. No more humidity, no mold!

And if the mold does get moldy after all, find out how to clean your shower curtain and remove mold with this trick.

mold free shower curtain

5. My playful bathroom to impress my children

Still the chore of getting them to take their bath?

Not anymore, I found the combination with these 2 fun tips which will make them want to go splashing around in the bathtub.

1. An iceberg in the bathtub

Better than a plastic toy, imagine an iceberg in your Loulou’s bathtub. While he found lots of excuses not to go take a bath, from now on, he goes happily!

A rubber glove, water and room in the freezer are all you need to create a fun toy to dip in the tub.

That’s it, here he is in Alaska, change of scenery and fun guaranteed! And although it is a fleeting pleasure, my bathtub is pleasantly decorated for a few minutes. For more information on this trick, find us here.

2. A magic and decorative soap

“Haven’t you washed your hands yet? Hurry, we’ll go to the table.” No more begging them to go wash their mimines.

I found the trick unstoppable: a soap with a toy inside. In addition, I save money since I get my old soaps.

I melt them (if they are different colors, it’s even better!), I slip a small plastic toy in and I reform a soap ball. And here is a brand new and decorative soap!

A little toy stuck inside makes you want to wash your hands more often to get it back! To learn more, it’s here.

With these 5 tips, you will be able to delight young and old children. Of the’ambiance Zen, to the original decor, through thefun of yours childs, there is something for everyone.

Your turn…

What are you going to test to make your bathroom a real little paradise? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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