5 Economic and Decorative Solutions To Shelter From The Sun In The Garden.

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It’s nice to spend time outside when the weather is nice, but not in direct sunlight.

If your terrace is not facing north (which I hope you will!), These 5 simple and decorative techniques will allow you to enjoy your garden sheltered from the sun.

The objective is to protect yourself, but also to prevent the sun from heating the walls and the bay windows of the house.

You keep it cool inside homes, and save air conditioning.

1. Classic: the blind

awning to shelter from the sun

Fixed above the terrace, its canvas will protects against UV rays and heat. The many colors available harmonize well with your exterior facade. Elegant: some blinds even have lighting in the evening!

The least expensive are the traditional blinds, without box, placed under a roof overhang for shelter. You can also choose to protect them in chests or semi-chests. A manual crank will be more economical than a motorized system.

2. Design: shade cloth

the canvas is an economical and aesthetic solution to protect yourself from the sun

Its fabric has the same qualities as that of a blind. Hanging on a ring fixed in the facade and on poles, the shade cloth has a triangular or square shape which makes it very design. Its configuration is free, so you can protect a larger area by harmoniously placing several canvases.

3. Eternal: the parasol

the parasol is an economical solution to protect yourself from the sun

Practical and easily transportable, today’s parasol no longer resembles that of our childhood. Its more modern colors and shapes make it a decorative object in our gardens. No need to fix it in the middle of the table, the parasol can now be equipped with a pole and an adjustable steel arm, like this one.

4. Romantic: the arbor

the arbor is an aesthetic and economical solution to protect yourself from the sun in the garden

Back-to-back or independent, the arbor provides touch of romance in the gardens. Like this gazebo with side protections, to enjoy the garden even when it rains! It can even stay installed all year round without worry.

5. Aesthetics: the pergola

protect yourself from the sun with a pergola

From simple shelter to a real outdoor room, the pergola offers a multitude of possibilities. Against the front wall, the pergola has a holiday feel.

And you, do you take care in the sun? Which technique did you choose? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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