5 Easy to Recycle Objects to Be Super Proud of Your Home Decor.

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A great home decor is not just for the lucky ones who are on the D & Co show on M6.

You do not agree ?

And no need to spend a fortune decorating your home!

You just need to recycle a few objects to have a personalized decoration.

With these 5 ideas of objects to recycle, your neighbors will not believe their eyes either.

1. A colander shade

Lampshade made with a green colander

You found a batch of colorful colanders in your attic and you don’t know what to do with them. And why not a lampshade ? A different color per room, nice, isn’t it?

2. A coat rack

forks recycled into coat racks

Granny’s old forks that don’t go to the flea market embarrass you. Why not twist them a bit and nail them to the wall to make them coat hanger originals?

3. A flowerpot fan grill

fan grill transformed into a flower stand

When nature recycles an object from everyday life, it gives that. If your fan breaks, now you know what to do with it: beautiful flowers.

4. An organizing component

recycled shutter in organizer for the kitchen

When you change your shutters, don’t throw them away. They can be repainted and serve asorganizer practical for your kitchen. It is just as useful for storing mail, hanging up papers as it is for finding your keys easily.

5. A shelf drawer

shelf made with one drawer

With just a little polish or paint, an old cabinet or dresser drawer can become a beautiful Wall shelf. Had to think about it!

Photo source and tip: Pinterest

Your turn…

And you, what is your favorite idea among these 5 original ideas? Do you know other items to recycle? Share them in the comments.

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