47 Great Storage Ideas For Organizing Your Small Laundry Room.

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October 02, 2020

Laundry rooms are often cramped rooms in homes.

As a result, it’s not easy to organize your laundry room when you don’t have a lot of space!

Fortunately, there are some super practical tips and storage to save space in this small room.

Washing machine, dryer, clothes line, detergents, ironing board … you will be able to store everything easily thanks to these ideas!

To help you organize your small laundry room, here is 47 iclever storage gods. Look :

47 Great Storage Ideas For Organizing Your Small Laundry Room.

1. Washing machine and dryer one above the other

Stack your washer and dryer

2. Shelves to increase storage

Unused corner shelves

3. A bar for hanging hangers

Several wooden storage boxes

4. A drying rack at an angle to save space

Clothes dryer

5. A curtain to hide your small laundry room

A curtain separating different rooms

6. Drawers under your washing machine

Storage drawer under a machine

7. A clothes rail to hang your clothes

Clothes rail above the machines

8. Storage behind the door

Storage space in front of the door

9. Wire baskets to easily see what’s inside

Several storage baskets

10. Jars to replace plastic containers

Three glass jars that serve as storage

11. Sorting bins in the cupboards

Several sorting bins

12. An ironing board in a drawer

Output ironing board

13. An island on wheels for ironing and folding clothes

Laundry area on an ironing board

14. A laundry room in a closet

Laundry closet

15. Vertical storage on wheels

Vertical pull-out organizer

16. Open shelves to save space

Space with several shelves and storage materials

17. Storage with hanging baskets

Hanging Basket Organizer

18. A compact laundry room with washing machine and dryer

Two large laundry side by side in the laundry room

19. A cupboard with an ironing board

Ironing space

20. A laundry room next to the shower

Shower and laundry combination

21. A compact laundry room with everything you need

Space only for linens

22. A small laundry room at the end of a corridor

Laundry area in an open cupboard

23. A stylish wall-mounted clothes dryer

Clothes dryer

24. Open vertical shelves

Laundry room with several vertical shelves

25. A small laundry room in a corner

Blue laundry area

26. A wall organizer to hang up what you need

Wall organizer in laundry room

27. A small utility room in a closet with sliding doors

Laundry room with sliding doors

28. An accordion clothesline that unfolds

White accordion dryer rack

29. A small laundry room in the kitchen

Laundry in a kitchen

30. A small laundry room in the bathroom

Laundry room in a bathroom

31. Open laundry baskets for storing laundry

Laundry Basket Organizers

32. Laundry baskets on wheels

Several wheeled baskets

33. A laundry room hidden in a cupboard

Laundry room in a cupboard

34. A laundry room under the stairs of the house

Laundry under the stairs

35. A clothes horse hidden under the cupboards

Several drying drawers

36. A laundry room in the office

Laundry room in office

37. Laundry baskets that tilt to save space

Tilting white laundry baskets

38. A modern and minimalist laundry room

Laundry room with laundry and laundry facilities

39. An ironing board under the worktop

Sink with an ironing board underneath

40. Towel dryers behind the door

Towel dryers

41. Metal shelves

Several shelves above the laundries

42. A small laundry room in the WC

Laundry in the toilets

43. A laundry room with sliding and transparent drawers

Laundry room with several laundry tubs

44. A laundry room in a cupboard with a slanted shelf

A slanted shelf with baskets above a washing machine

45. A small laundry room with integrated drying rack

Laundry room with an open window

46. ​​A sliding storage for detergents

Laundry room with a vertical drawer in the middle

47. A small, narrow, tall laundry room

Laundry room with two machines one on top of the other

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