4 Simple Ideas for Decorating Eggs with Kids.

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Doing a manual workshop with children can quickly turn into a nightmare …

Especially if the activity in question is too long or complicated for little hands.

So decorate Easter eggs in 20 minutes flat, are you interested?

In 20 minutes flat, and with little equipment, we dye, paint and decorate eggs.

Come on, follow me for an express home decor: wonder guaranteed!

Decorate easter eggs in 20 minutes Chrono!

Preparation before decoration

– Fresh eggs with a WHITE shell

– 1 pot of water

– Food coloring

To go further in the decoration, I also need:

– 1 tube of glue (universal or white glue)

– paint, markers

– stickers

– nail polish

– offcuts of ribbon, sequins, sequins and mini-pompoms …

How to do

1. Put water in a saucepan and add the food coloring according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Stir to dissolve and distribute the color evenly.

3. Put the eggs in the saucepan and bring the water to a boil: boiling hard-boiled eggs only takes 10 minutes.

4. Take the eggs out of the water, and let them cool and dry.

5. During this time, prepare your decoration material.

Your white eggs have taken color. All you have to do is decorate according to your desires. Here are some decorating ideas!

1. Stick stickers on

On an egg, it’s quick and it doesn’t need drying time. It is also easily achievable by a child.

decorate easter eggs with stickers

2. Use markers, pencils or paint

It’s more classic but this technique allows the most talented children to express themselves with finesse. If you choose pencils, use pencils with a heavy lead. A makeup pencil can do the trick.

decorate easter eggs with pencil, markers, paint

3. Also think about nail polish

The lacquered side is unexpected. Thanks to its integrated brush, it’s practical and fun and dries quite quickly. It also allows you to finish nail polish that has become too thick or that you no longer wear.

decorate easter eggs with nail polish

4. Stick … whatever comes your way!

The ribbons, sequins, sequins and other mini-pompoms, pieces of paper, pasta, lenses … to stick directly on the shell: they will bring a touch of original creativity.

decorate the easter eggs with lentils or pasta


And there you have it, you have decorated your Easter eggs in 20 min 🙂

And the result is really nice! Without any crisis or tear 😉

decorate easter eggs with children

I hope to have brought you new ideas and to have the pleasure of reading you soon in the comments. Happy Easter everyone!

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