4 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas For An Attractive Neighbors Day.

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Like every year, the Fête des Voisins, otherwise known as “Immeubles en Fête” is back!

If this year you have offered to participate in the decoration of the tables, here are some simple and inexpensive ideas to help you!

The goal of this evening is to have a good time, friendly and pleasant.

The decoration of the table is therefore very important, just like at a wedding for example.

The inexpensive decor, it’s here deco that we do oneself.

With a little imagination, you don’t have to be very good at DIY to make a pretty table welcoming and friendly.

4 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas For An Attractive Neighbors Day.

Tip # 1: paper is cheaper

Start by buying paper tablecloths in rollers (you can easily find rolls for 80 places, not necessarily white, for about 6 to 10 €).

For the napkins also prefer the paper, because it’s easier when it’s disposable, rather than doing the laundry afterwards, and you can find it in all stores at very reasonable prices (10 € for 50).

Here’s how to fold your napkins into cute butterflies, for example here on Youtube.

Tip 2: the natural

Place on the table flowers picked up in the morning, ivies (even in town, there are some on the brick walls of your buildings), beautiful pebbles

Tip # 3: candles

This party takes place in the evening. With the candles we save electricity, and we decorate each table in a pretty way.

You get your personal candle backgrounds, which you melt again, by mixing the colors, a waxed wick with a metallic foot, all in pretty verrines or some plastic molds, and voila !

And for a stunning decoration, also read our tip for making pretty candle holders.

Bonus tip: music

The decoration is pleasant for the eyes … and that it is accompanied by a beautiful atmosphere for the ears, it’s even better!

For the music, do not hire the services of a DJ. Ask guests to bring their favorite CDs, and find a Hi-fi system easily transportable.

Or, and now it becomes much more fun, go around the neighbors a few days before, in order to find out who is playing a music instrument, and would be willing to bring it and play.

You might end up with a guitar, a violin, an accordion, and a harmonica in the same evening!

So much for my little tips, do not hesitate to give your opinion or your tips in comments!

Savings made

In terms of savings, do not buy your flowers, but collect them from your garden on the morning of the Feast. If you don’t have a garden, consider flowers of fields or from forest.

Because in retail or large markets like Rungis, a pink costs between € 2 and 3 € and the seasonal flowers as’amaryllis for example between € 4 and 5 € each (count 20 € for a bouquet). For a table of 20 guests, where we place about three bouquets, you save 60 €.

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