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With the end of year celebrations looming on the horizon, winter and festive decorating ideas are more topical than ever. Between the classic advent calendar that we long to open, the magical Christmas tree to install, the fairy lights to untie, the decorative candlesticks to place and the many ornaments in the colors of Santa Claus and snowmen. snow to put in the four corners of your warm home, your interior will soon take on a festive air. However, we must admit that between artificial snow and garlands, suspensions, figurines or plastic balls, our Christmas decorations are not always very green, not to mention that they often come from the other side of the world and are not recyclable when you get tired of them … If you are looking for some ecological and easy to do yourself ideas to wow your guests, you are in the right place!

Of course, everyone sees noon at their doorstep and there is no need to judge the way in which everyone decides to decorate their house. Remember, however, that homemade Christmas decorations have the advantage of being customizable with paint. (You can even do your homemade paintings too!) Something to please the most creative and have fun with your children! Additionally, the majority of these recipes use products that are easy to find in organic, bulk, or DIY stores and are reusable for home maintenance or other projects.

1) Meudon white for painting Christmas decorations on windows

Christmas window decorations
Capture of a video by Brut and Julie Laussat

Certainly, the artificial snow bomb is very practical. However, she is as polluting as it is easy to replace. Whether it is to paint snowflakes, fir trees or even simply write “Merry Christmas” on your windows, Meudon white is ideal! Plus, it’s even easier to clean. When the holidays are over, a simple wipe down with hot water will leave your windows spotless. Yes, Meudon white, sodium carbonate or chalk is above all a cleaning product! To use it, it’s very simple: dilute a little powder in water. The goal is to obtain a consistency neither too liquid nor too thick. Then take a brush and paint your windows, candle holders or decorative branches with it!

2) Ultra-sensory fake snow larger than life

fake snow modular Christmas decorations
Video capture from DaveHax’s YouTube channel

When we see all this beautiful snow outside (or precisely that it never snows), we would like to invite it inside! To do this, we can make a fake snow that is unlikely to melt. It can be modeled to make a snowman on a mountain, to make a homemade snow globe in a recycled glass jar or to sprinkle it on the branches of the tree! To do this, just mix approximately 750 g of baking soda (or salt, cornstarch …) with 250 ml white conditioner first prize (or shaving foam). The idea here is to use your hands to feel the texture of the snow. Add baking soda if it’s too sticky and conditioner if it’s not pliable enough.

3) DIY natural garlands

During a walk in the forest, some families love to take the opportunity to pick up a few pine cones. They can then be used to decorate the house by installing them on the Christmas tree, on the centerpiece… or as a garland! You can use wire to hang them on a fairy light. Otherwise, make a pretty garland by tying wire to it and hanging it all on a beautiful ribbon or string. And to give a more festive look to your homemade garland, you can paint them white with Meudon white or sprinkle them with fake snow. And to add color, think of orange or apple slices dried in the oven! All you have to do is hang it on the wall, on the tree or even place it on the fireplace or the table runner.

4) A self-hardening paste to make homemade Christmas tree decorations

self-hardening paste decoration
Capture of a video by Brut and Julie Laussat

To make this paste, pour 1 glass of cornstarch, 2 glasses of baking soda and 1 glass of water in a saucepan. Mix thoroughly on the heat until the texture turns into thick enough smooth paste. Then turn off the heat and let it cool in a bowl. All you have to do is roll out the dough, cut it with a cookie cutter and make a hole in it with a glass or metal straw to be able to tie it with a pretty string or beautiful ribbons in the colors of Christmas. Finally, let everything dry for about 48 hours. You can paint them, add biodegradable glitter or leave them in white to recall the Scandinavian fir and its sober decoration.

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