4 DIY Ideas to Create Your Christmas Balls!

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Traditional Christmas balls are boring.

And year after year, they break or deteriorate.

In short, it’s dangerous and not very original.

Here are 4 ideas to craft or cook.

1. Christmas baubles to cook

When I was little, I used to cook simple cookies (flour, egg and sugar) with my mother. I then flirted with my imagination to make pretty shapes (stars, guys …)

Before cooking, we used to make a hole to be able to pass a thread.

After baking, all we had to do was decorate them according to our wishes, add the thread, and hang them on our beautiful Christmas tree.

2. Christmas balls to cut

With cardstock, felt paper, cardboard, your children can also cut out shapes (round, bird, angel).

They can then color them, paint them or glue all kinds of decorations on them: feathers, cottons, stickers, sequins. A small hole, a thread and presto! The children are so proud of it afterwards!

3. Gourmet Christmas balls

This is my favorite, but beware of bulimic friends who drop by! With a thread, bolduc or a ribbon, tie a knot on the shiny papers of your curls (the reds are pretty on the Christmas tree).

You can also hang candy or barley sugar on it.

4. Christmas baubles to DIY

On the wire that I bend in a whirlwind, I thread pearls. The color depends on the desires and the context. On a tree, yellow, red, white or gold pearls are the most suitable but nothing prevents you from innovating! Instead of pearls, you can also wrap a pretty ribbon on the wire, for an original garland.

Guaranteed effect! Very small trinkets can also do the trick: Kinder toys, mini-Eiffel Tower, mini-soap, seashell, cotton, photo.

If you too have an idea for a Christmas ball alternative and original, share with us your decorating ideas in the comments.

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