4 Christmas Decorations to Make with Your Children.

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This year, I decided to leave room for creativity.

Some crafts that children can make and that will make them proud to have participated in the decoration of the house for an original Christmas, here is my idea.

And then doing it yourself is always more rewarding than buying!

These little crafts have two big advantages: they keep the kids busy long before the fateful date and help them wait for the magic night, and they cost nothing, just a little time!

1. An Advent calendar

calendar before matches

I empty as many small matchboxes that there are days left before Christmas, children decorate the tops of the boxes by painting them with gouache, or sticking on it cut gift wrap.

Once it’s over I hide in each box a treat, or a surprise mini-object, and they fix the boxes on a decorated cardboard support.

All you have to do is open one every day until D-Day!

2. A garland

garland paper curls

They cut tapes about 1 cm wide in shiny gift wrap and colored, then they cut these strips in pieces of about ten centimeters. Close the first piece with a piece of tape so as to form a circle, then thread the second piece and form a second circle which you in turn glue, etc.

3. A candle holder

glass jar candle holder

I clean a small glass jar (crème caramel style from La Laitière ..) and they cover it with transparent glue, and then place on it small pieces of multicolored tissue paper, or seed beads, or glitter.

I light up a tea light candle.

I decorate my Christmas table with these candle holders. Guaranteed effect!

4. Christmas balls

origami christmas balls

If you still have time, you can make some in a few simple steps with this trick!

A few sheets, and a template, that’s all you need.

Do you have decorating ideas for Christmas to do with the children?

Please let us know in comments, it will change from what I already know!

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