35 Great And Inexpensive Ideas For Organizing A Small Bathroom.

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Want to have a tidy bathroom?

But you think you are running out of space in your small bathroom …

Do not panic ! You don’t even have to go to Ikea, Castorama, Fly or even Alinea to find storage solutions.

We have selected 35 really great ideas for you to tidy up your bathroom without breaking the bank.

These tips are at the same time practical, aesthetic and especially not expensive. Look :

1. Beautiful storage baskets on rods

Hanging storage baskets in the bathroom

These hanging wicker baskets bring a touch of natural decor to your bathroom. And it’s also a great storage solution to save space. It is enough to lay metal bars with hooks and put in wicker baskets.

2. A shelf above the door

A shelf placed above the bathroom door for storage

You should never neglect the space above a door. You just need to install a shelf there to save plenty of space.

3. A nice ladder shelf

A painter's ladder transformed into a shelf in the bathroom

A shelf ladder is the storage you need to organize your bathroom while giving it a touch of unique and rustic style. You can hunt for one at a garage sale or find one here.

4. A towel rack behind the door

Towel rails installed behind the bathroom door to save space

In a bathroom, no matter how small, there is always room. But if … behind the door! Attach some wall-mounted towel rails to it. And you have an economical solution to put down your towels without taking up space. You don’t even have to make holes: some towel rails are adhesive, like these.

5. Hanging baskets

Baskets hung on the wall to store towels

These little wicker baskets are really useful for everything. It is the essential accessory to have a tidy bathroom. Once they are attached to the wall, you can easily store the rolled towels in them.

6. Convenient storage for hairdressing devices

Magazine racks for storing hair dryers

A metal magazine rack allows you to store all the electrical appliances for the hair: hair dryer, curling iron … No more mess! It is very practical and it does not take up space. And if you are looking for other amazing uses for magazine racks, you will find plenty of them here.

7. Flowerpots to store makeup brushes

Flower pots for storing makeup brushes

Flower pots to store makeup brushes, you had to think about it! And to make them stand up straight in the pots, check out this tip.

8. Spice racks installed on the back of cupboard doors to save space in the bathroom

spice racks on the cupboard doors to save space

A spice rack is useful for everything! Attach the spice racks to the inside of the cupboard doors to save space. And store your beauty and hygiene products there. This is the ideal format.

9. A shelf integrated into the shower wall

A shelf integrated into the shower wall to save space and storage

Shelves carved into the wall: nickel for toiletries!

10. More spice racks for storage

Spice racks in the bathroom to make shelves

Here is a roundabout use of the Ikea spice racks. They are perfect for storing all shampoo bottles, cosmetics and makeup in the bathroom.

11. A bottle holder transformed into a towel holder

a bottle holder transformed into a towel holder for the bathroom

A bottle rack or a towel rack? You choose ! It will naturally find its place above the toilet.

12. Shelves above the WC

shelves placed above the WC to save space

Three shelves placed above the toilet … and here is a practical storage in your bathroom.

13. Stylish and practical

an elegant display for storage in the bathroom

Diverted from its usual use, this cake display adapts very well to your bathroom. Very stylish !

14. Jars to store all the little things

jars to store cotton and cotton swabs in the bathroom

These glass jars bring a vintage, elegant and chic touch to your bathroom. And at the same time, they are very useful and practical for storing Cotton Swabs, cotton wool and soap for example!

15. A shelf behind the toilet

Shelves installed behind the toilets for storage

We often forget to use the space behind the toilets. However, it is the ideal place to put a shelf there. And a few planks are enough to save a lot of space.

16. A decorative shelf in a frame

A photo frame transformed into a decorative shelf for the bathroom

This frame shelf is both decorative and very practical. It’s crazy how much can be stored on it!

17. A decorative magnetic board

A magnetic board to store makeup

Take a frame and cover the bottom with adhesive magnetic paper. Then place magnets on your makeup boxes. A lick of paint and … No more makeup lying around!

18. A hanging shelf for original storage

hanging shelf for storage in the bathroom

This pretty little hanging shelf naturally finds its place in a small bathroom. It allows you to easily store towels, products and even toilet paper!

19. A Fintorp storage from Ikea

Ikea's Fintorp hanging storage system in the bathroom

These Fintorp storage units are practical and aesthetic. They have become a great decoration classic for tidying up the bathroom.

20. A column bamboo shelf

A bamboo shelf for the bathroom

A very small space is enough to fit this column shelf. Next to the toilet, for example, that’s perfect. And after, you can store all your towels and storage baskets there.

21. A double curtain rod for hanging towels

A double curtain rod to also put towels to dry in the bathroom

This double extendable shower curtain bar is a very practical and smart accessory to have a shower curtain and hang towels on it. The space saving is enormous!

22. A metal fruit basket for original storage

A fruit basket for storage in the bathroom

A chromed metal fruit basket is the perfect storage for all your hygiene products.

23. A shelf installed at the foot of the bathtub to save space

A shelf at the end of the tub to save space

There is often room at the end of the tub. Why not put a shelf there for extra storage space?

25. A nice carousel to store makeup

A carousel to store makeup

A rotating makeup organizer, what could be more practical to store all the makeup?

25. A flowerpot rack installed upside down to store towels

a flowerpot holder for storing bathroom towels

With a little imagination, a stand for flower pots can transform into an elegant napkin holder that takes up no space. The proof !

26. Practical, minimalist and aesthetic!

minimalist storage shelf for the bathroom

The simplest things are often the most practical. Great for small bathrooms!

27. Floating shelves attached to the bathroom wall

floating wooden shelf for the bathroom

Rustic and practical, these floating wooden shelves offer significant additional storage space.

28. Small hanging canvas bags

Small canvas bags hanging on hooks for storage

These little canvas baskets are not only adorable, but also super practical for storing all the little bathroom mess.

29. Storage space on the toilet bowl

A shelf placed on the toilet bowl to save space

Are you looking for space in your bathroom? Then this shelf to put on the toilet bowl is absolutely perfect. The toilet bowl is a great place to store a lot of things including toilet rolls.

30. Plastic baskets to store the drawers in the bathroom

plastic baskets for storage in bathroom drawers

What could be more practical than these little plastic baskets for organizing drawers?

31. An industrial style storage shelf

storage shelf made with plumbing pipes

To bring an urban decorative touch to your bathroom, adopt this industrial double shelf. It is very practical with its integrated towel rack and it has a lot of style.

32. An adhesive magnetic strip for storing pedicure and manicure kits

A magnetic strip for storing nail scissors

A simple self-adhesive magnetic strip … and voila, you have a clever solution to store all your manicure sets.

33. Wicker baskets for storing small things

shallow wicker basket for storing small things in the bathroom

These wicker baskets bring a natural touch to your bathroom. And it’s a great way to have all of your beauty and hygiene products on hand.

34. A decorated spice rack for extra storage in the bathroom

A decorated spice rack installed on the inside of the cupboard door for additional storage in the bathroom

Attach a spice rack to the back of a cupboard door for plenty of extra room.

35. Simple hooks for hanging hairdressing devices

Simple hooks on the closet door to hang hairdressing devices

Don’t know where to store your hair dryer or curling iron? You just need a few adhesive hooks to store them.

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