35 Christmas Decorating Ideas That Will Bring Joy to Your Home.

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Christmas is coming very quickly and with it all these decorations, ornaments and lights …

But do you have any ideas to easily decorate your home?

Don’t let the stress of decorating make you lose the Christmas spirit.

Here are 35 Christmas decorating ideas that will bring joy to your home this holiday season:

35 Christmas decoration ideas to make easily

1. Add lanterns to your decoration

You can put candles inside or (as below) fill them with ornaments and lights for a nice Christmas decor.

Lanterns on a table as a Christmas decoration

2. Adopt different colors

Christmas decorations don’t have to be all about red and green. Try out different color combinations to see what appeals to you.

Use different colors for Christmas

3. Make a banner for your fireplace

You can use paper or fabric to make your banner. In both cases, you bring a very pleasant homemade touch to your living room.

Make a Christmas banner below the fireplace

4. Add natural elements to your decor

Add pine cones and other rustic elements to your decor to create a natural and festive atmosphere.

Add natural elements to the Christmas decor

5. Be artistic with children

Christmas is a time to spend with the family. Why not take the opportunity to make the Christmas decoration together? This reindeer painting is a prime example.

Christmas table made by children

6. Make a wall of Christmas balls

This is the kind of decoration that will talk! All you need are some ribbon, Christmas baubles (a good bundle!) And a staple gun. It is true that it can take time, but the result is incredible.

Make a Christmas wall out of balls

7. Use old Christmas cards

Don’t know what to do with all those old Christmas cards? Make yourself an adorable collage.

Make collage of old Christmas cards

8. Use photos on gifts instead of labels

This little idea can make the difference. Your gifts will thus have a personal touch that your loved ones will surely appreciate.

Put photos on gifts instead of labels

9. Fill your apothecary jars with Christmas treats

It’s a simple and affordable way to decorate Christmas using products that are already in your home.

Fill the jars with candy

10. Put Christmas stockings in unusual places

For Christmas dinner, you can put each family member’s Christmas stockings on their respective chairs. You can also put them on the stairs of the house.

Christmas stockings on the chairs

11. Try a different Christmas tree

If you have limited space or want to try something different, why not give it a go, like this Christmas tree hanging on the wall?

Christmas tree hanging on the wall

12. Add Christmas decor that matches the colors of your room

For a more sober design, but just as festive, use colors already present in your room.

Christmas decoration with different colors

13. Make papier-mâché ornaments

Use papier mache and a bit of glitter to create a unique ornament for your Christmas tree.

Make papier-mâché ornaments to hang on the tree

14. Use glass jars to create a Christmas mood

Glass jars are a cute and inexpensive idea that you can add to your decor. You can fill the bottom of the jar with salt or baking soda to make it look like snow.

Glass jars with candle and baking soda for Christmas

15. Turn your fridge into a snowman

Super easy and super cute, this decoration will make children and adults smile.

Snowman fridge

16. Use Christmas music as inspiration for the decor

What would the holidays be without Christmas carols? If you have musical instruments at home, use them to create a nice metallic vibe.

Christmas decoration with musical instruments

17. Store cutlery in Christmas socks

You can either knit them yourself or buy cheap ones. In both cases, you will have an original decoration for your Christmas table.

Cheap decoration at the bottom of Christmas for the table

18. Fill your wreath with pine cones

Christmas wreaths don’t have to be green. Be original by adding natural elements like pine cones and berries to your wreath.

Pine cone wreaths for Christmas

19. Use barley sugar as a decoration

This candy cane shaped candy has become an instantly recognizable symbol of Christmas. Hang them on your windows for a simple and warm Christmas decoration.

Christmas decoration with candy cane

20. Use modern ornaments to make an original Christmas wreath

You can use any color or size of ornament that matches your interior design.

Use modern ornaments

21. Make your own advent wreath

For a change, why not make your own advent wreath? This will give an even more special personal touch to your decor. This one is adorable:

Homemade Advent Wreath

22. Scatter gifts around your home

It’s a super easy and economical idea to make to spread the Christmas spirit in your home. You can use the empty boxes for your Christmas shopping.

23. Decorate white Christmas baubles as a snowman

Another easy way to get your kids involved in Christmas decoration. You can also use old ping-pong balls.

Decorate a Christmas ball as a snowman

24. Birch wood is a beautiful decorative element

A few pieces of birch, as in this example, bring a very pleasant touch of wood. Doesn’t that make you want to take the candle in your hands?

Birch wood on candles

25. If you have shutters, use the slits to put garlands

Use the elements of your home to your advantage to make a personalized Christmas decoration.

Christmas guilandes in the shutters

26. Create an interactive, life-size Christmas calendar

Fill each bag with a Christmas surprise. Your kids will love this!

Life size christmas calendar

27. Use your Christmas cards to make a Christmas tree

Another simple idea to reuse all those Christmas cards. All you need to do is hang them on the wall!

Christmas tree in Christmas card

28. Turn pine cones into miniature Christmas trees

Glue a star on the top of the pine cones and place them on candle holders to decorate your Christmas table.

Christmas trees in pine cones

29. Decorate your piano

Put some garlands on top of your piano to decorate it in Christmas colors.

Decorate Christmas piano

30. Hang Christmas baubles on your curtains with matching ribbons

A simple way to add some Christmas whimsy to your windows.

Hang Christmas balls on the window curtains

31. Add Christmas cushions where you can sit

Put a few cushion covers in Christmas colors on your sofa, chairs, etc. You can even put some in your locker room like in the example below.

homemade christmas pillow

32. Don’t forget to decorate the interior of your front door

Lots of people put garlands on the outside of the door, but why not add a little spice to the interior too? This way your guests benefit when they go out and when they come into the house.

Christmas decoration inside the door

33. Surprise your guests with a decorated headboard

Put your guests in the Christmas mood by adding a luminous Christmas garland to the headboard. You can even add matching pillows to make them feel right at home.

Garland headboard decoration

34. Bring Christmas to the Kitchen

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but my family spends a lot of time in the kitchen during the holidays. Buy a little Christmas tree to put it on the table or hang garlands in your closets.

Christmas decoration in the kitchen

35. Put Christmas gifts in your condemned fireplace

While you won’t roast chestnuts over an open fire, that doesn’t mean you have to forget to use it for decoration. Put a few gift boxes like in the photo below to create a festive mood.

Put Christmas presents in the fireplace

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