34 Awesome Decorating Ideas WITH CANDLES.

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I don’t know about you, but I love candles!

Particularly during the holiday season.

It is true ! Candles are perfect for giving a warm atmosphere to Christmas and New Years Eve.

But not only ! All year round, it brings a unique touch to decorate your home or your dinners with friends.

What’s great is that there are dozens of ways you can use candles to decorate your home.

To help you make a beautiful decoration at home, I have selected for you 34 decoration ideas with candles.

Don’t worry, these ideas look great, but they don’t cost a lot. Look :

34 decoration ideas for Christmas with candles

1. In a terrarium

candles in jar with colored earth

In a large glass vase, put colored earth and add white candles of different heights.

2. In vintage lanterns

vintage lantern with candles

Present your candles in beautiful vintage lanterns. Chic and retro effect guaranteed.

3. On pebbles

candles and colored pebbles

In a long dish, arrange pebbles between your candles.

4. Hanging on the wall

DIY wall candle holders

Here is a nice project for DIY enthusiasts. Attach a ring and insert a glass cylinder. Then you can place your candles in it.

5. On an old mirror

white mirror and decorative candles

For a very romantic decoration, place your candles on an old mirror.

6. On ferns and moss

candles with decorative foam

Great activity to do with the kids: collect moss and ferns on a walk in the undergrowth. Then, arrange your finds in a dish and add the candles.

7. In the fireplace

candles placed in the fireplace

And why not put some big candles in your fireplace?

8. On the table in glasses

crystal candle holder for the table

If you have some old, retro glasses that you don’t use, turn them into candle holders!

9. In jars

candles in a recycled artificial snow jar

Recycle your old glass jars into a stylish candle holder. Wedge the candle in artificial snow and decorate the jar with string.

10. In a crochet candle holder

crochet knitted candle holder decoration

Make pretty crochet candle holders, in the colors of your choice, to put around your glass candle holders.

11. In a glass vase for the terrace

candles in a glass vase

For a beautiful outdoor table decoration, slip your candles into a large glass vase, embellished with pebbles and flowers.

12. In a vase with pine cones

candle and frosted pine cone

In a large stemmed glass, put white gravel, pine cones and a white candle.

13. In a cube vase

candle in modern cubic vase

Very modern decor! Just place the candles in a cubic vase.

14. In front of a mirror to increase the brightness

iron candle holder various height

With its different heights, this candle holder gives a beautiful light to the room.

15. Wrapped in pearls

tealight decoration with pearl thread

Here is a super easy decoration to make. Wrap pearl thread on a small glass vase. And voila !

16. In a candle holder on pearls

candle holder with pearl for wedding or Christmas

Even simpler! Put pearls in a small glass jar and add your candle in it.

17. On several levels

vintage wooden candle holder

Choose different sizes of the same candlestick model to have a “staircase” effect.

18. In a vintage bird cage

candles in birdcage

Here is a very nice idea to arrange the candles. This bird cage has a little fairy tale twist.

19. In a vase on moss

table decoration with candle and muosse

During your walks in the forest, collect the moss and line the bottom of a dish with it before adding your candles.

20. In elegant lanterns

lantern and fake candle

You can hunt for lanterns and paint them to your liking to put your candles in.

21. In decorated apples

apple hollowed out to put candle

Remove the core of a large red apple, and dig a tube-shaped hole. Then slip a small candle into it. You can also decorate the apple if you wish.

22. Floating on water with wooden twigs

floating candle with water and branch

With a large glass of water and some branches, you can make this decoration really very easily.

23. On returned glasses

place candles on a turned glass

Arrange your candles on the stem of upturned glasses, in which you can place flowers, for example.

24. In a ball aquarium

aquarium ball to put the candle

Reuse Bubulle’s old aquarium to create a pretty candle holder.

25. Under a glass bell

fake candle under a bell

Place a fake candle under a glass bell. It is very fashionable at the moment in the decoration catalogs.

26. On glass bottles

candle in glass bottle

Stick a candle in the neck of a glass bottle, and let it run down the side of the bottle. The wax will create an original decoration.

27. In beautiful candlesticks

natural decoration with candle and burlap

Arrange different candlesticks on burlap for a very “natural” decoration.

28. On mismatched candlesticks

decoration with unpaired candle holder

For a more original decoration, put all your candlesticks in a tray. This mismatched effect gives a very fashionable side.

29. With transparent pearls

rain pearl glass vase and candles

Fill your jars with transparent rain beads and place a small candle on them.

30. With wood and pine cones

centerpiece with candle and pine cone

Create a rustic centerpiece with a wooden board, pine cones and different candles.

31. On a piece of cut and decorated wood

rustic centerpiece decor

With a small log, candles, small trees and figures, create a forest scene to place on the Christmas table.

32. In a saucier

Christmas candle and old porcelain composition

Recycle the unnecessary pieces of your table service to create a beautiful composition with candles. Here, this saucier finds a second youth.

33. With glittery pumpkins

christmas halloween decoration with pumpkin and candles

If you have small squash (natural or plastic), coat them with glitter and put them in the heart of your candle holders for a very wintery decor.

34. In a minimalist lantern

minimalist lantern for decoration with candle

Nothing classier than this minimalist lantern for a chic decor during the holiday season.

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