31 Storage Tips Above the WC (To Save Space).

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Do you want to save space in the bathroom and have more storage space?

To tidy up all our mess, you have to be imaginative and use all the space.

Including the one above the WC!

To save space above the toilet, we have selected 31 great design or rustic storage ideas for you.

And you don’t even have to go to Ikea, Conforama, Leroy Merlin or But!

31 storage ideas to save space above the toilet

You can make most of these pieces of furniture yourself to install above the toilet.

Not only are they practical, but they are also very aesthetic. You just have to choose your style! Look :

1. White shelves with wicker and metal storage baskets

White shelves above the toilet

Simple and efficient: these small white shelves are placed above the toilet to save space. Just put a few rectangular wicker or metal baskets on it to optimize storage.

2. Shelf and baskets hanging on the wall

Hanging baskets above the toilet with a shelf suspended by a rope

These small metal and wicker baskets are simply hung on the wall. Convenient to store guest towels! They complement a white hanging shelf on which an aged metal bottle rack makes great rustic storage.

3. Rustic wooden and rope shelf

Shelf made with wooden planks and rope

Desires for the countryside? Get some boards and a thick rope to make this storage to put above the toilet. Hang it above the toilet to put toilet paper rolls and some decorations. This small ladder shelf brings country chic flair to any bathroom.

4. Industrial style shelf

Industrial-style shelf for storage in the bathroom

Here are easy do-it-yourself shelves in an industrial and minimalist style. The mixture of raw wood and metal is very successful, don’t you think?

5. Metal storage baskets

Decorating ideas with shelves and metal baskets for storage

All it takes is a few pretty metal shelves and baskets to store the entire bathroom and toilet in style.

6. Chic and rustic shelves

Small white shelves placed above the toilet

There is always a little room in a small corner to fit two small shelves placed on metal supports. The white patina applied to simple light wood shelves gives an old world charm to your bathroom.

7. Shelves suspended by hooks

Shelves suspended by hooks above the toilets

The originality of this storage for the bathroom, it is these metal brackets that suspend the swing shelves. No need to make holes all over the wall, just four in the ceiling.

8. Storage baskets hung on towel rails

Black plastic storage baskets

These little black plastic baskets are easily hung with clips on towel rails. It’s simple and ideal for storing small towels, soaps and all hygiene products.

9. Storage system above the toilet

Simple black shelf with metal support

All you need is a small black shelf placed on metal brackets and a towel holder to give a sophisticated touch to the toilet. Don’t forget to add a wicker basket on the toilet tank to save even more space.

10. Rustic wooden shelf

Rustic wooden shelf placed above the toilet

Take a few wooden planks and put them together to make a really nice shelf to install above the toilet, a bit in this style. It gives a natural and authentic touch to your bathroom.

11. Storage ladder for your toiletries

Wooden storage ladder placed behind the WC

Don’t know where to store your toiletries? This wooden ladder turns into a great storage for your towels, your hygiene products or your cosmetics. Placed behind the WC, with two wicker baskets, it saves considerable space and is also super chic!

12. Rattan baskets on shelves

Rattan baskets on black shelves above the toilet

A little basket in a natural style for each member of the family and everything will be tidy and tidy!

13. Storage recessed in a frame

A frame serves as storage in the bathroom

Elegant and classic, this shelf is recessed in a white molding frame. If you need more storage, put a metal storage basket on the toilet.

14. Old recycled grandma’s wardrobe

A vintage glass cupboard for storage in the toilet

This small old-style glass cupboard turns into a lovely storage for the bathroom. It naturally finds its place above the WC.

15. Solid wood shelves for a natural feel

Wooden shelves staggered above the toilet

Staggered, these wooden shelves give a natural atmosphere to the toilets. Not to mention the small shelf placed on the toilet tank, practical and aesthetic.

16. Dark and chic wooden shelves

Dark wooden shelf to save space above the toilet

Sober and classic, these two black shelves find their place above the toilet. They are hung on the wall using chrome brackets.

17. White floating shelves above the toilet

Thick white shelves floating above the toilet

The space above the toilet is often wasted space. Yet it is the perfect place to install white floating shelves. To have a country atmosphere, add a few flowers and a basket made with metal wire to store toilet paper.

18. Cupboard above WC

A hanging cupboard placed above the WC

Classic and practical at the same time, this tall cabinet is placed naturally above the toilet to store all the little things that clutter a bathroom.

19. Raw wood storage shelves

Wooden floating shelf above the toilet

Placed above the toilet, the floating shelves in raw and thick wood give a natural and rustic touch to any bathroom. They allow you to have a little decoration to personalize this room, while offering a significant storage space.

20. Wire mesh crates suspended above the WCs

Small painted crates for storage above the WC

These storage boxes are painted wire mesh crates placed above the WC. Ideal for small spaces, they give an authentic and traditional decorative touch.

21. Shadow box shelf

Modern shadow box shelf

This “shadow box” storage is very design. It gives a resolutely modern aspect to the bathroom and allows to store soaps and bottles with aestheticism.

22. Storage in recycled pallet

Shelf made with pallets for storage above the WC

Pallets are an endless source of inspiration for making recycled storage furniture. If you like pallet furniture, feel free to pick up some wonderful ideas here.

23. Storage ladder

A white ladder placed behind the toilet as storage in the bathroom

A simple wooden ladder can turn into a clever and aesthetic storage. Just paint it and slide it behind the toilet. Very practical for hanging towels, it saves a lot of space.

24. Recessed wooden storage above the WC

Recessed wooden floating shelves above the toilet

Even a very small space above the toilet can be used to make storage that has a natural style. Just place 3 floating shelves in raw wood. Simple, pretty and practical!

25. Hanging storage shelf

Hanging shelf with ropes above the toilet

These 3 wooden swing shelves are suspended with ropes, to give a Scandinavian-inspired style to your bathroom. Stylish and perfect over the toilet!

26. Wooden boxes for storage

Wooden boxes for storage above the toilets

To make these homemade shelves, you just need to collect wooden crates and paint them. Keep the crate look good to give a rustic atmosphere to your toilet.

27. Metal towel bar

Metal towel rack hanging above the toilet

This wall mounted towel bar fits in a tiny space above the toilet. And you can store a multitude of towels. You can also use a bottle rack to store all your towels. Check out the trick here.

28. Flowerpots transformed into storage

Storage made with flower pots for the bathroom

Thanks to this tutorial, you will transform flower pots into storage for the bathroom. You can also get ready-made hanging flowerpots. All you have to do is hang them on a towel bar above, like this one.

29. Laundry basket suspended above the WC

A basket transformed into storage above the WC

For storage in an authentic rustic style, take your grandma’s laundry basket and hang it with a beautiful wide ribbon above the toilet.

30. Small high storage unit for towels

Small storage unit for the bathroom and WC

This storage wall shelf with two small hooks hangs high, above the toilet and right next to the bathtub. You can easily hang the towels there. Very handy for catching your towel when you get out of the bath!

31. Wooden shadow box storage

Shadow box shelf above the toilet

Placed in the WC, this wooden shadow box storage can store towels and toilet paper in height. And there is even room for decorative items.

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