30 Things Your Home Doesn’t Really Need.

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Over time, things tend to accumulate around the house.

We keep them for their sentimental value.

Like travel souvenirs and gifts from a loved one, for example.

But, there are also all useless stuff that we keep for no good reason ! Do you see which ones?

These are the objects for which we say: “vsat may be useful one day!” or “vsat does not take up much space“.

The problem is that over time, all these useless objects pile up …

30 Things Your Home Doesn't Really Need.

As a result, our drawers, wardrobes and cupboards are transformed into real junk.

Help ! Fortunately, the chaos stops as soon as now.

Yes, the time has come to sort through all the unnecessary items cluttering your home!

Here is 30 things your home doesn’t really need. Look :

In the kitchen

1. The scary collection of plastic bags under the sink.

2. Small jars of bland and stale spices.

3. Mismatched or lidded food boxes that take up a lot of your cupboards. Instead, replace them with those food boxes that stack easily.

4. The chipped cups, glasses and plates. Frankly, what’s the point of keeping them?

5. All the knives you never use. Indeed, know that only 3 good knives are enough to cook.

6. Soy sauce pods, ketchup pods, and single-use utensils (chopsticks, paper towels, and plastic straws from your last Deliveroo order).

7. Old mugs and reusable cups from team building 2004 (you know, the ones you inherited from your old roommate).

8. “Specialized” cleaners. In fact, you can clean it all with just 1 homemade multi-use product.

9. The tote bags that you have too much. Even if you received them for free, keep no more than 2 or 3 for your groceries.

10. Stemmed glasses (classic glasses work great for drinking water, juice and some wine).


– Foods from the freezer. If you see that ice has formed on the food in your freezer, it’s time to throw it out.

In the bedroom

11. The dry cleaner’s collection of metal hangers. Keep only the best hangers for hanging your clothes and get rid of those that are not in use.

12. Worn sheets. Also get rid of flat sheets, unless you like really that and you have time to waste? Otherwise, just keep the essentials: your fitted sheets and duvet covers. For the rest, know that there are plenty of ways to reuse your old bed sheets.

13. The old shoe boxes and the protective covers that come with them. There are tons of tips for storing your shoes.

14. All the books that you have been reading for ages. Donate them to an association, or give them to a literature-loving friend.

15. Clothes that are too worn out or that don’t fit anymore. Sort through your clothes, and donate those you no longer wear to an association.


– Mismatched socks. Either say goodbye to them or give them a second life.

– The jewelry you never put on. If you no longer wear a piece of jewelry, that means it’s time to part with it! With any luck, you can even sell it in a specialty store.

In the bathroom

16. Small samples of shampoo and shower gel that you took from hotel rooms.

17. Frayed or rock-hard towels that will never regain their absorbency.

18. That ugly plastic shower shelf! Instead, replace it with a stylish teak stool, or that gorgeous bathtub deck.

19. Out of date medications, sunscreen, and makeup. Yes, know that all these products also have their expiration date.


– The perfumes you never put on. Instead of wasting them, get rid of them or give them to someone who really wants them.

In the living room

20. The dead plants you never managed to save and the old empty flowerpots.

21. DVDs you no longer watch. Donate them to an association or give them to friends.

22. The kitsch or tacky vases that come free with the flower bouquets.

23. Trophies or other childhood trinkets that have no sentimental value for you.

In the office

24. The dead batteries that have been hanging around in your desk drawers for a long time.

25. Flyers that invade your mailbox. If you don’t read these ads, stick a STOP PUB sticker on your mailbox.

26. The old magazines that you haven’t read in years.

27. Receipts. Most stores no longer accept returns or exchanges after a certain period of time. So what’s the point of keeping them? To nothing !

28. Old cables and chargers for devices you don’t use, and devices without chargers.

29. The half-empty paint cans. Or if not, reuse them to give your furniture a trendy look.

30. Big bulky filing cabinets filled with old paper. Instead, scan your most important documents, or keep them on paper in clear sleeves. For the rest, read our guide on how long to keep important papers.


– Dry markers & pens. Try this trick to revive dried out markers. Otherwise, why keep them?

30 Things Your Home Doesn't Really Need.

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips to get rid of the unnecessary stuff that clutters the house? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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