30 Smart Ways to Recycle Your Old Items into Christmas Ornaments.

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December 03, 2018

Are you looking for original Christmas decorations for the home?

No need to go buy some and break the bank!

Why not do them yourself?

Don’t worry, it’s simple!

We have selected 30 easy-to-make Christmas decorations for you.

All you need to do is take a walk around your attic to recycle old items. Look :

30 homemade Christmas decorations with recycled objects

1. These pine cones turned into Christmas decorations

pine cones decorated with paint for Christmas

2. These candy cane candies transformed into Christmas tree decoration

rustic candy canes to decorate the tree

3. These jars transformed into snow globes

snow globes made with jars

4. This wooden pallet turned into a Christmas tree

Christmas tree in pallets for outdoors

5. These adorable bottles of wine transformed into Christmas decorations

recycled wine bottles for Christmas decor

6. This old cushion turned into a reindeer

a cushion decorated with foot and hand prints for Christmas

7. This pack of beers transformed into “reindeer”

a pack of christmas beer

8. These sticks recycled into adorable snowmen

logs decorated as a snowman

9. This fridge transformed into a snowman

a fridge decorated as a snowman

10. These glass jars recycled into Christmas decorations

scandinavian style candle holder

11. These toilet paper rolls transformed into choristers or reindeer

empty toilet paper rolls turned into christmas decoration

toilet paper rolls turned into reindeer

12. These wooden branches recycled in the Advent calendar

a rustic homemade advent calendar

13. This piece of recycled tree trunk as a wreath

Christmas wreath made from a piece of wood

14. These stemmed glasses transformed into candlesticks

stemmed glasses as Christmas candle holders

15. This flowerpot transformed into a snowman

flowerpots turned into snowman

16. This old bucket filled with pine cones and logs

a bucket filled with pine cones and logs for Christmas

17. These glass jars transformed into candlesticks

snow-covered and lit from the inside

18. These pieces of recycled wood in illuminated star

a bright christmas star

19. These pieces of branches and cardboard transformed into Christmas trees

small homemade fir trees with pieces of wood for Christmas

20. This old bucket full of Christmas candles

Christmas candles planted in a bucket

zinc seal filled with white candles for a Christmas decor

21. These glass jars transformed into submerged mini-forests

forests in jars

22. These cans transformed into candle holders

tin cans transformed into candle holders

23. This old window decorated for Christmas

an old window decorated with a garland

24. These corks and small twigs recycled into reindeer

reindeer made with corks

reindeer recycled corks for a Christmas decor

25. This recycled burlap bag made into Christmas slippers

homemade christmas socks

26. These recycled snowman cans

a few cans to make a snowman

27. These bottle caps transformed into a Christmas tree

Christmas trees made in corks

28. These bottles of milk turned into a snowman

milk cartons turned into a snowman

29. These old terracotta pots transformed into candlesticks

earthen flower pots with candles

30. These flower pots filled with pine cones, fir branches and balls

pots filled with pine cones to decorate the entrance

Your turn…

Did you like these homemade Christmas decorations? Tell us in the comments which one you prefer. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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